Mega Man Battle Network 4:
Translation Revision

This is a patch for Mega Man Battle Network 4 (both Red Sun and Blue Moon), as well as a mod for the Legacy Collection version, that aims to generally improve the quality of the English script while mostly keeping to the original localization decisions. It fixes and improves many lines, the result of a more or less full script comparison with the Japanese text.

This project revises much of the game's translation, both addressing basic typos and other text mistakes from the original, as well as catching many mistranslations and missing nuances.. It also aims to give the text more consistent formatting, including cleaning up a lot of haphazard splitting of dialogue across multiple boxes.

More details on the types of changes can be found in the included Readme.

(Note that there are two versions: the default version, which has Mr. Progs speak normally like in BN1-3, and the PROG (Preserve Resizing Of Glyphs) version, which keeps the localization decision from BN4 onward to have them speak in all-caps.)

This project has no affiliation with Capcom and does not distribute copyrighted material, only patches.

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Download MMBN4 Translation Revision (GBA Patch)

(Also available on

This version is a patch for the original North American GBA releases of Battle Network 4 Red Sun/Blue Moon. You will need your own clean dump of the game ROM to apply the patch to. The ROMs from the Virtual Console releases should also work.


Download MMBN4 Translation Revision (Legacy Collection Mod)

(Also available on Nexus Mods)

This version is a mod for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Volume 2. I can confirm it works on the PC release; other platforms may also be supported if ChaudLoader has support for them.


The mod simply replaces a few asset files, so it can also be installed manually without ChaudLoader if necessary.

Manual Installation

Source Scripts

(A collection of source text files used in the creation of these projects, for the curious.)


(Hover over images to see the original, unedited version of the text.)

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