Vocaloid Highlights: June 2024

Senpai! Notice me, senpai!! (loud crash) ...Uh oh.

So as you may be aware if you've tried to use NicoNico in the past few weeks, it's been down most of the month as the result of a ransomware attack on their servers. All video data and the like is hosted elsewhere and seems to be intact, but the site's many systems need to be rebuilt using what data they can safely extract from the affected servers, a process estimated to take over a month. Wait, don't I do something involving Nico every month...?

Most artists these days post their songs to YouTube as well (and if they didn't already, are likely to for the time being), so I was able to locate YouTube links for all the songs I had on my list before Nico went down. But my usual method for finding Vocaloid songs is checking the NicoNico Vocaloid rankings for new songs daily. So while coverage of the first third of the month should be pretty "complete," the rest may be a bit spotty, as it's cobbled together from somewhat last-minute (since I was sort of hoping things might be resolved in time) searches for songs on YouTube and VocaDB. Regardless, I feel I got a pretty good selection given the circumstances!


Cinderella- Ponzu
Urameshiya- zensen
Cheap Properties- Frog96
GIMMICK GIRL- MonochroMenace
Cliffhanger- Hanakorori
Love Runs- Junpyon
The Ones Who Found the Moon- ikomai
Madrome (Doze Off)- Ienu
I'm Sayin' to Shut Up and Rock!- Nekotachi Kotatsu
On the Verge- Scop
Senpai!- OSTER project
___'s Picture Diary- Meiri
Net Empath- Takeisu
Empurple- Harumaki Gohan
Machine Love- Jamie Paige
XXX (Hush)- Mellowcle
Cerberus- Dopam!ne
BAD- Pleco
Re-Fiction-O- sasakure.UK
Forgery- Akuta Renri
Pilot Study- Nanu Riso
Blaze- niki
Slowly Night- MIMI
The Long Jump Rope Kid- Mushi-P

Worth Your Time

The Monster (Conciliation)- Dai-San-Gakushou ga Yusaburu
Twin Planet- Kachigumi Tonkatsu
Beyond the Horizon!!- yamcha
Assassinophilia- Amenosazanami
MINE- Live-P
Become Light- *Natete.
Hallelujah Failing Student- Shü
Cut and Run- Yomitani Akane
Overcome!- Akutari
I'm Very Clumsy- Dennoko-P
CUBE- Caffeine
Humanoid Colic- kojika
Monster Face- Hallo Cel
Suicide Dancer- SHIRAZU
Missed Call- Akasakannn
Ill-Natured Buddha- Nbebe Shoukai
Heaven!!- Tetra
Key Smoke- Sakada Kei
Hello Hellost- Yojine
Gently, Evenly, Lively- MidLuster
So Like, So Like?!- Don no Ongaku Kobo
Don't Stomp Your Heel- inuha
You Might Change the World- Amunik AK
Funny Trap!!- Lidlic
You're There in the Miracle- Suuta
Understeer- Rurirarero
But Eh, Oh Well- IZ
Akkanbee (Pbbt!)- Yutako
Crown- Murata Shiyuu
↓DrØp↓- quxono
Land of the Deus- Caracca
Shooting Star- StManta
throwback- Honemaru
Gemini- Leo Matsushita
Schrödinger Sugar- Yamagishi Koji
Bibbidi Bobbidi Chu!!- mahito
Wonder- Kaga
Kiss Me, Hug Me- Jairo-P
HyperPopCorn!!- shikisai
Love me do!!- Mellowcle
Super Love- Oriibe Kofi
Timid Cinderella- Tsuna
Star Cluster Parade- hachiya
Meika- Mafi
Total Angel's Love Sickness- Gurihama T
Trillion Rally- Adisai
If Only I Could Be Kind- Kage-P-Ball
Candy Killer- Yurame
Night Swimming- Naminoaya
May I Not Be Me in the Next World!- Hiromoto Hiraishin
Vocaloid Hall of ???- Mata Setsunai Sekai o Ikiru
Love Letter- HYNOME
Pain Wanted!- Ido Lemone.
Isolation- Hakame
⁶ (Uncertainty)- Subete Shouki no Sei Desu.
Mirror Alice- Murata Shiyuu
Reverie Night- Afternoon
Starlight Flower- Rinne Suzumura
Mental Bet- Yurame
How to Make a Rainbow- Rable
Rei's Tweeting- Nihoshika
Spring Breeze dddd- 4o
Bloom in Snow- Shijima no Naka
Karakurenai- Gomennasai ga Ienakute
A Zombie Princess Seems to Be Dancing in the Park.- TOMATO*TUNE
※For Reference- Mei
Vital sign- Lime
How Was the Call Quality?- Roro
Passing-By Egoism- Subete Igon no Sei Desu.
(No Title)- Ukuguma
True Feelings- Daibaku Hashin
Re:Birth- quxono
Supernova- Yunosuke
Pretend Prank- Wataru Sena
In Memory,- Yukino Tokeru
neon- Ushio
Self-Love- Kanja-P
Coulomb Clone- Itoh Yoji
Bluely.- Ponzu
Magnolia- Mused
Flap- Kazenoko
An A for a Q- Wowota
I'm Not An Angel- Echizen
Discotheque- nogi
Fear! Failure! Violence!- Kyomuko
Unsta(me)ble- Zekkai
It Was Only You- Kakuly
Mayday- HotaRu
Dampen- riga
Quibble- Yomitani Akane
Venus- Nanahoshi
Us Downstairs (Circenses)- Mizore
Slow Suicide- Eight
Micro Topos- nullmayu
want to feel- villet
Resource Cut- Yukimoto Ritsu
The Way of Holding an Umbrella I Can't Stand- Adeliae
Carnage Rose- Teniwoha
Li'l Romantic- Nishiwaki Tatsuya
Circling Town- Aquanima
Laylah- Tokage
Guru-Guru-Pah.- chiromu
Attachment to Life!- Mokusuke
So What If You Just Become a Cat?!- Ozon

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