Vocaloid Highlights: November 2023

If you're making the ultimate trailer, you should hire a magical girl. (with someone else's money~)

This month had the Colorless Nameless Fest... II! People submitted songs anonymously with text-only videos, with the option to have their identity revealed after the event ended. Many also posted their songs with regular videos afterward. I've included names for authors that were revealed, but a good number remain anonymous.

There were 4870 songs in this Colorless Nameless Fest, and they were all made public at once. So while these highlights are significantly bigger than usual, there are still likely tons of good songs that I just didn't hear. You can browse through all the songs here.


Hon-De-Ju- Burmese
Kanitaro (Crab-taro)- Kanino Wau
DNA- Minimum Carter
^ Post-event PV
Emotionaliar- Miwashiba
^ Post-event PV
Sneaky,- OSTER project
^ Post-event PV
No Da- Daibaku Hashin
^ Post-event PV
Ballerina.jpeg- Tadano Kaede & A4.
This is the Big Adventure Concierge!!- Gurihama T
^ Post-event PV
Gunpoint- Avaraya
^ Post-event PV
Love Talent- OSTER project
^ Post-event PV
Leave It to the Magical Girls- Oriibe Kofi
^ Post-event PV
Not Pretty- Peg
I Know- Dixie Flatline
What's Blue to You- Pote
Zun-Tsumu's Pwecious!- OSTER project
I'mma Piggy- Yukopi
I Knows It!- Ao Wi-Fi
Ultra Trailer- Masarada
Kotonoha Disco Time- Yakamochi
Showtime x Audience- Wataru Sena
Daily Bullet Downhill- Sohbana
Major- Dopam!ne
Birthday- Naisho no Pierced
Filament Fever- Nanashi Hachiya
Tell Me Help Me- Yukino Ito
It's Your Favorite Color- Ashu
Pastime Double-Suicide- IDONO KAWAZU
Empty Anchor- Sarubowl

Worth Your Time

Superieur- Tatsugoo
Dear- Early
^ Post-event PV
Let's Meet at a Cyber-Class Reunion- Iyowa
Lacking Majesty- Ohma Shu
Escape from blue- 108
Wild Performance- Umikuma
Dancing With a Flutter.- Aimai-P
Riding a Lily of the Valley- Towari.
🀇🀏🀐🀘🀙🀡🀀🀁🀂🀃🀆🀅🀄🀄 Girl (13 Orphans Closed Wait Girl)- TakoyakiKZY
^ Post-event PV
Self Fixer- Rikusan
Run From Home- Yuu Utsubo
hh1hh1- KCN
Talentless Tarentelle!- Kakugo Riki
Visitation Love- Tonbi
^ Post-event PV
nice dog- Nuyuri
BLUE HOUR- Yoruno Akari
xXxXxXx- Magnetite
^ Post-event PV
A Tea Party in the Heavens- Ro2noki
Error Code- Noru
^ Post-event PV
Likely a Short Life.- Ido Lemone.
^ Post-event PV
Hide and Thief- Yamagishi Kooji
^ Post-event PV
The Name of That Transparent Flower- (Anonymous)
Raison D'etre- Duric
Assault Chord- FuyuyuXX
^ Post-event PV
City Pop Fanclub- TakoyakiKZY
Nil- Tama (ID 121358486)
Genius Hammer- Tokumei Germa
^ Post-event PV
Antidote- Kuro Usagi
A Round at Water's Edge- Nakase Miru
Room and Jellyfish and Zunda-Funk- sakkyoku645
Bent Back and Fanfare- seyo
Q.- Aira
uyuyu (´;ω;`)- Namigroove
^ Post-event PV
Happy World- Null
^ Post-event PV
Go Die- Enchou-P
Replica- Ako
^ Post-event PV
Counterfeiter- (Anonymous)
[_____]- Chanmanji
Dress Code- Satsuki
^ Post-event PV
Night Before Absconding- Moimi Kashi
^ Post-event PV
Hollow-Eyed Heart- shikisai
^ Post-event PV
Like a Flower- itsuka
^ Post-event PV
Stunned By It, Aspiring To It- yuha
^ Post-event PV
Falling Lonesomely- Michiru
^ Post-event PV
Repaint Future- Rito/Tori & Noru
Relevé- Gomennasai ga Ienakute
Like a Ghost- maigo
Warning Time- you-man
Rewrite Future- Tezu
Lost Freesia- Penkichi-P
^ Post-event PV
Grotesque Tempura Lover- Pleco
Absence of Seasonal Words- Sekai Denryoku
Priority- Yunosuke
A Bouquet to Your Skull- Peperon-P
^ Post-event PV
Lamenter- (Anonymous)
Anecdote- szri
All Fiction- (Anonymous)
Posted 11/2/2013 ▶︎897 💬38 📂25 ❤️70- Tsuru
Box of Happiness- Kyiku
^ Post-event PV
Teiru (-ing)- Adisai
Naural Love- Polyethyren
^ Post-event PV
Totentanz- Shaito
^ Post-event PV
To Genius You- (Anonymous)
Living Dead Ranker- Meddmia
Karenina- Hiiragi Kirai
^ Post-event PV
Boil- (Anonymous)
Inferior Product LOL- Aira
M0M3NT!- Whip
^ Post-event PV
※Deleted For Violation of Regulations- Yuusuke Furuike
If Lies Had a Color- HYNOME
Hidden Clownfish- Akatin
Lei (Zero)- Otonashi Afu
^ Post-event PV
Between the Lines- Inagawa Shiyuu
The End of the Comets- 2997
^ Post-event PV
Recollection Mirror Yell- Yuramo
Night Dancing Silhouette- Miyamori Bungaku
Composition- m-sode
Halloween in Some Country- Nazo-J
Monocaster- Zarubowl
Pandemonium Shameless ~All Night~- Chikaru Tof
Panic!- Satou Noko
Twilight Light- Toa
To Empty- Δ (Delta)
^ Post-event PV
Hellfire- Nejishiki
Scarlet Secret- EO
See Ya- Yokoshima
Dimension- Yunosuke
Maze- Gomennasai ga Ienakute
Heroine.- Kage-P-Ball
Hollow Elegy- KALONE
Source of Gravity- Yotabaito
Dear Replica- Michibata no Ishi
Angel 92- MARETU
So What Is It?- Adachi Kasuka
Absurd Rainfall- Eigufuto
Moonlights- Noi
Re: Carbonated Girl- Ponzu
LOOF- papiyon
Lie-Spelling- thom
Mundane,- Tokaya
Into the Future- Akutari
Frogification- Adeliae
Fan-less (Senseless) Heart- Itoma-P
Cult- Osman III
Flick Heart- Tanaka B
Hero Time- Spacelectro
Dépaysement- Dat
Ill- Yugica
Nonsensical Spectrum- Dii
16-Year-Old Heart- TakoyakiKZY
Invading Kunyonyon- Sakada Kei
I'll Forgive You- Akasakannn
Le Meurtre- Haneru Sakana
I Don't Like It!- Tomatsunagi*
Summer's End, Our Song- Chachao Hiro
Abnor◎ (Abnomal)- Ape
Kafka (Overburderned)- Alk
Tear Promise- Gurihama T
Override- Yoshida Yasei
Hi-Fi Acceleration!- Kaga
Blue Clock- Nor
Libido- Yakoubei

Tutorial Mission

Geometry- OLDUCT

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