Vocaloid Highlights: July 2022

Who... aaam I?

This month, there were two Vocaloid-related events that warrant explaining. First was the IPPUN (One-Minute) GP, for songs that were only a minute long - so that's why you'll see a bunch of those in a row. Second, and far more major, was the Colorless Nameless Fest, in which people submitted songs anonymously with text-only videos, with the option to have their identity revealed later. I've given the names for those that were revealed, but a good number remain anonymous.

There were nearly 3000 songs in the Colorless Nameless Fest, and they were all made public at once. So while these highlights are significantly bigger than usual, there are still likely tons of good songs that I just didn't hear - plenty by well-known creators only made the rankings after the names were revealed. You can browse through all the songs here.


Magora's Abacus- IDONO KAWAZU
Leave Me Be.- Nanahoshi
That Girl's Left-Handed- EO
A Hysteric Night Comes- Masu Takagi
Mandarin- R Sound Design
Quixote- A-HUB
Reflex Boy- Sauna
Social Studies Field Trip- appy
The Summer You Lived- Umikun
To the Protagonists of Books That Won't Sell- Aotani
Theater- Aiiro Nishimon
Absolute Strongest Illusion!!- Gurihama T
^ Post-event PV
LMAO lol- MoNo.
^ Post-event PV
Ritual Festival- Aiiro Nishimon
^ Post-event PV
Harshly Here- Tsuruzou
^ Post-event PV
Strange and Uncommon- Meddmia
^ Post-event PV
Art- Kashiko.
Stroke- keisei
The Devil's March- RED
Pink Monster- Neiri
Burnout- EZFG
^ Post-event PV
Non-Essential Meaning- Chanmanji
Love Rag- Rusino
^ Post-event PV
Talila (Turn It Up)- daraku
^ Post-event PV
Colorless and Invisible Person- Natsuki Aoya
^ Post-event PV
Education (Brainwashing)- Murata Shiyuu
^ Post-event PV
Kaleido- Yunosuke
Zombies- DECO*27

Worth Your Time

Sick Man- Chinozo
Mimoji (Three Characters)- MakoiNU
Kiss Apostasia- Etori
Can't Leave My Room At All.- B9P
I'm Sketchy- aquabug
Blue Fireworks- kohe
Toward That Summer's Melody- Anzunokumo
DAWN- Kanadera
Must Be So- ◈* (Yukuewat)
Blue Drop- Kiri Shimentai
Underdog- RuLu
Access Encounter- Nari no Kuma
Bubble Girl- SION
I Just Want To Be Sad- Kyiku
So-to-Speak Mister- jon-YAKITORY
I Won't Cheat You- Shizuku Ina
Incomplete Story- Kaga
Secret- MIMI
Summer Illusion- Ussy
Count Girl- Nezumou
Ice Ai-su Crisis- Rigil
Nebula Doll- Fuyuu
When the Fireworks Scatter- U-Nagi
Altair- Reta
Carbonated- shimehebi
Error- Ibarana
Bright Red- (Anonymous)
Searching For That Soda-Pop Sky Again- Awiy
Ghost Prologue- Hippopotamus Grill
MOTHER- hinayukki
That's Fine- tezzy
AIZU (Eyes)- Sakada Kei
Trash Heap Spiral- Ao Wi-Fi
Little Star Frayer- (Anonymous)
Time Medicine- Yuuka Nishi
Life is Beautiful- Solid Beats
Dark Dark- Osanzi
Rotten Love- AFooo!!
Ato (Scar)- Momoyo Kaeru
Measurement Problem- Matsubi
^ Post-event PV
Origami- Moudan
Dizzy- Aiiro Nishimon
Idiocyy- yugu
Hide- FeLL
I Feel So Sad- Guchiri
Let's Paint It Over, Clarity- Uka Roku
Soda Pop x Soda Pop- Mare
Lone Flower- Parker Panda
Sugarless- PolyphonicBranch
Song That's Only A Minute Yet Has A Really Long Intro- Serifu
No Oxygen at the End!- Yonaga Mizuku
Beginning Time Loop- Eigufuto
Rainy Fragile- Shu
Shigetaka Kur*ta is Watching From the Window- Fujiwara Hagane
Full Chorus 1-Minute RTA- Yoshida Yasei
Legal Youth- Sohbana
Spinning Image- shikiri
Mimika- szri
Hot Summer- Sakuramochi Runa
Love Normal- Raz
Weakpoint- Lamaze-P
Abje - Arrange (Miku ver.)- Subete Anata no Sei Desu. & Nari no Kuma
Still-Still-Still- Ingen
Stars in the Sky- Gomennasai ga Ienakute
I Hate Heaven- sofu
Summer Sky Single Coil- Nasagashi
Summer Breeze- Mellowcle
Sweet-Swim-Mermaid- Nata Decoco
Kawaii Chromaticism- nes
Camouflage Chameleon- Owata-P
midnight diver- towa
You and Whale- Chinozo
Yummy-Yummy Girl- OSTER project
Fatal Ego- Aoris
Swaying- COBA x5884x
Input Text- Yukinoshita
Fate- Ibarana
Secret Boss- Utsu-P
Hydrangea Fireworks- YURAGANO
Ubiquitous Mystery- Mokuzu
Monochrome- Mawoo
Doppelganger- Shaito
^ Post-event PV
Talked to Myself- Towari
Pure Love Philosophy- Marurapi
^ Post-event PV
Isotope- maigo
^ Post-event PV
Even God Was Made For You- aun
Zombie-ism- Hitoka hitomoku
Tokyo Anomaly- A:me
A Feel-Good Ending- sakavo
Azamugenza (Deceiver)- YM
Clear Escape- Adisai
I'm Gonna Die- Konya
AKUMA! (Demon!)- Iyowa
Revanche- Aira
Nice to Meet You-san- ZEROKU
Summer Heartbeat- Tsukikasa
Tragicomedy- Ichita
-ine- (Anonymous)
Blooms in Summer- Yukopi
Illusive Dream- Iri Yoshimatsu
Sad Correspondence- Yuzy
Heart- Clean Tears
Faintly- Qeiru
Reverse-Wing Hellfire- Madoi
Virtual Anj(oy)el- Rohi
You-Getting Contest- Takenoko Shounen
No. 2 Line and Irony- Kirishima
Melting Goldfish - Those Liable to Dissolve in Thought- HaTa
Request for Somebody- Lamaze-P
Stuck- Tsumikusa
Resurrection- Madoka Kurosawa
Cosmology- Kogashigumi
^ Post-event PV
Fija- Hizumi Rei
Outlaw- Anemu
Them- Sohbana
^ Post-event PV
Dedicated to the Lives Support Songs Won't Save- Yamikuro
^ Post-event PV
Fantasy Duck Walk- Tooma Riku
Campus- RT-G.o.B.S
The Weather Vane's Falling Down- Midori Tea
Starlight's Whereabouts- Kamisaki Nei
Playing With Charms- Pizuya's Cell
^ Post-event PV
Rebecca- Wokashiya
Pathetic- Kakimochi
Doping Dance- STEAKA
^ Post-event PV
Bouquet and Recollection- siglyna
Mirror Mirror- Mogaki
Spring Kills Us in Vain- Haruna Matsuro
Half-Permeable- (Anonymous)
Be Calm, Wind- Polyethyren
Summer Storm and Invisible Person- Futsutsuka Utsutsu
equilibrate- (Anonymous)
Understand- Ulli
To the Blue Sky, Over- Mochizuki
^ Post-event PV
Symphonia- Adeliae
May- (Anonymous)
Tokyo Subway Lover- Headphone Girl
Summer Breezes By.- Nelumbo
Let's Die Together in Kurashiki- SLAVE V-V-R
Rain, Cruelty- Ussy
Happiness- john
Ultramarine Course- irucaice
Wind Chime Song- MIMI
Galactic Fantasia- Lupo Ichinose
Lucifer- ¿?shimon
Tuesday is Smoochday- HoneyWorks
Blue Sky Prism Crown- irucaice

Finally, "Answer" (originally titled as a blank space) was at the top of the rankings throughout the Colorless Nameless Fest, but was deleted by the organizers when it came to light that the artist had based it on the song "Gun Parts" by PEOPLE 1, which was deemed to be against the spirit of the event. The artist later reposted it normally, describing it as an homage.

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