Vocaloid Highlights: July 2019

Ridin' with you tonight.


Love of Love by Love for Love- Pinocchio-P
Scat Onomatopoeia- Amenomurakumo-P
Lightning-Flash Girl- Chiitana
Walk the White Line.- Shiraisoto
For Now, Before You Go Away- Powapowa-P
Atonement- Noz.
Take Responsibility, Won't You?- Agoaniki
Ridin' With U- KIRA
Glory Glory- ryuryu
Soda Pop- Aqu3ra
Anonymous Fanfare- Tsumiki
Lifers Knot- Matsudai Uki.
Apollo Doesn't Know Space- Shannon
Sibyl- wotaku
Banquet- john
Drunk On Rain- Amenomurakumo-P
Whims of the Physical World- koyori
Brainwash Begin- SEVENTHLINKS
Candy Flippin' and You- savasti

Worth Your Time

Uncuttable- S!N
World's End Garden- Merel
Bloom, Flower- Noxundo
Ice breaker- Nejishiki
Dancing Words Planet- Yukitomo
Beginning Lyric- Fue
Eve- forute
Mastery- Wakaba
Angel- Hachigatsu Maboroshi-gou
Because Crosswalks Are Scary- RT-G.o.B.S
In Spring- Kamiyora Yui
Refrain- Last Order
Hostage Trade- DECO*27
Alone Light- Suisei Soda
◀◀- Kore
Monday Gloom- HoneyWorks
If a Shooting Star Fell- Mizuno Atsu
If You Like It Clean and Easy, Then Kill Me.- grief art
Sun at Night/Moon in Day- -8
Rose Strike- EasyPop
Morning Glory- Noxundo
Marine Blue of Life- Relu
Reiwa Commemorative Kyoto Fireworks Expo- SLAVE V-V-R
Stardust Message- victream
Fall Seven Times, Get Hate- seecun
Mirror Mayday- Zig
So Long Ultramarine- Asai Umi
Pulsar- Mushi-P
If I Became a Cloud- 40mP
Stand by me- Nanatsunatsu
A Bouquet of Blue Roses- Kagen
MAGiA- picco
Love-Carnation- Kris
Reliefal Dose- NingenGoukaku
Selfish- Teshima
Ring Bouquet- Menhera Hiyoko
You Die in the Cicada Chorus.- TOMO
Laughing Woman- Akai Tanin
Wendy Diening- sugar_kii
Paranoia- Ao Wi-Fi
Monochrome Palette- Hanapo
Borderline- Noi
Mercurius- Tota Kasamura
Again At Night- higma
Can't Be Correct- Pemu
Your Guide Back Home- Soraomoi
Please Don't Stop the Beat for the Dance About Love- Sawadarling
Lily- SunnyBeans
Don't Start With the Conclusion- tamon
Fest-Fes- Teniwoha
fraction- Yukiya Tachibana
Elicia- ____natural
Momcycle Lullaby- Dayone-P
Lonely Children- Surii
R-u-n Away- Ueda Basil
Over Repeat- Relu
Fumi (Writings)- imie
Tokyo End Credits- bunkiman
Blue Spring Outsider- 0o0 (Mitsuo)
Mermaid- aimor
Firefly's Glow- Nia
Airship- Glutamine
Vertical Drop- Tota Kasamura
Stainless- Minikui Kunimi
Night Town Fireworks- Tokaya
Weenie Walker- you-man
Monologue- Saltless
Muddled- Watasho
36°C Flame- Nishiki
tsuzuri (Composing)- keisei
Resonar- Kisala
Never-Hoarse Voice- A:me
Hands Full With Balloons- ShikakuDot
Shangri-La Girl- takamatt
Sugar & Spice- ShikakuDot

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