Vocaloid Highlights: September 2018

Summer is ending, but Akari... has arrived.

Primrose - Umetora
A Little Happiness - Okita Nemu.
Summer is Ending, Huh - 100-kai Outo
Imperfect Blood - 100-kai Outo
Sensitive Beach - Anyaho
^ Uses a kinda icky illustration of a foot cut on broken glass, if you don't wanna look at that.
The Time Traveler Tsunderella - CØRY/J
Boundary Destruct - YM
Floating - Tanaka B
Psyche - wotaku
One and Only Love Poem - Umetora
Additional Memory - Jin
Dread - Anyaho
All Things I Want To Forget - Guiano
Youth Innocent - ShaberuBoushi
Cypress - xxxxxxxxx
Revenge Comes After a Meal - November
Ambiguous Question - yamada
Akari Has Arrived! - CocoaCigarette-P
Nobody Knows My Name - Ratio-P
Greatfall Gradefall - Anyaho
Even Loving Ten Thousand Times - Takenoko Shounen
Town of Sound - RT-G.o.B.S
Dererere - DIVELA
REM - sofu
Crow - Takahappy

Worth Your Time
Oni Game - Miwashiba
Intoxicated by Neon After Deception - Kirishima
Time Capsule - NingenGoukaku
Soap Bubbles - Proea
Falling Butterfly - Nox
Aurora - ryuryu
Even So, I Tried Living. - Pemu
Third-Person Speech Voltage - Marmot
BOYFRIEND - ShaberuBoushi
My Name is Stainless - P OF THE WORLD
Gap Camera - Kigi
Dark - Mer
Through the Sky - Takekinoko
FLY - Tokkun
Ego Rock - Surii
Frontline Arts - Hidarite
Abnormal Drive - tekalu
Flower Words from My Two-Lips - Hifumi
Liekki - yukkedoluce
Goodbyyye - Dayone-P
Inferi-teor Headed for Tomorrow - Noryu
Isolation - Nejishiki
Beach Sunshine - picco
Brownie Brownie - Pote
Hemoglobin Girl - Uni
Ray Out - Kuro Usagi
Juvenile Deliquency On Sale - Harufuri
Hate Crime - SummerGratz
Egoist - Parsley Oonuma
In This Town - Tonchi
Pimple - Harima〆
kiRakiLa - gaogao♀
Sugar and Saccharin - Owata-P
Announcing the Play's End - PolyphonicBranch
Our Song - MUQ
Gemini - Osanzi
Twilight Butterfly Lost In Night - Nanamil
Let's Meet Again at 12 AM - Naritalin
Midsummer Rhapsody - Peh
Peacelight Cigarman - Yukitomo
Paradise March - Shiiya Yuu
From Past to Future - CØRY/J
Happy Person - Guest
Dreaming Story - Colonea
Caesarean Section - Ukatsu
Funeral and Parting Song - Madoka Kurosawa
Creation Journey - Heavenz
Song of Impurity - Maigo Hanyuu
God, Please Kill Me. - Souma Otonose
World Clock - ryuryu
Late Night Broadcast - Ako
Future (Someday) - Koki
Rainy Days Never Stay (Movie ver.) - Nanatsunatsu
Moon of Hope - Nakyamurya
Japanese Math Science Social Studies - Babu-chan
Step on Shadows - Shiwori
A Bouquet in Your Hand... - Kyuu_91
Brainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrain - RINGO
Flower Firefly, Running in the Summer Sky With You, Out the Window - Palf
Streaming High↑↑↑ - Jille.Starz☆
Past - Ozone
píːs - MarronBosatsu
Chance-Encounter Melody - ShikakuDot
Sailing - Kedarui.
I Still Can't Die - 164
Lethe - 208-Goushitsu no Hito
Summer Light Blue - canone
The Flowers Echoing in the Summer Sky Were Pretty - Naki (なき)
I'm Beauty Girl - OtuQ
Take Form Then Disappear - natural
Prison Home - Shuma
Acidity Match - Nishiki
Swimming in the Sky - Nishijima Sondai

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