Vocaloid Highlights: October 2017

Fly me to the romantic (and spooky?) moon!


A Bouquet of Baby's-Breath- Wataru Sena
Ordinary- Police Piccadilly
Golden Journey- Mer
People Become Ghosts- ive
Steppër- halyosy
Affection Has a Bitter Taste- Karap-P
See You in the Silent Sea- Monosenbei
Dramaturgy- Eve
Positive Dance Time- Kinoshita
Flash Resurrection- Potential0
Ms. Afternoon- Kedarui.
Makes You a Fighter- Umetora
LOSER- Mijuda
Dancing Bride, Fleeing Move- n.k
Laplace Waltz- Misumi
Midnight Dinosaur- Natsuki Aoya
defile- Oshio Kuiyume
Decode- niki
Alternating Parlante -high noon mix-- koushirou

Worth Your Time

Sign of the Cat- appy
I Want To Be Your God.- Iori Kanzaki
Murder Monster- Kurage-P
Gigas- N.B.W
Midnight Crisis- Task
Clamorous Jealousy- SLAVE V-V-R
Inner Dark- TOKOTOKO
Tack-Heart Destruction Girl- Rerulili
Uncertain Airline- ArukuHito
Darkness Orchestra- cisco
Somber and Blank- otetsu
a chain of love- Kohm
If You- ushiee
Demnorth Kills- cosMo
If I Can Have One Wish- Noname
Bright White Dog- Monosenbei
Alternation- tekalu
Nadeshiko Heart- yurryCanon
You're an Author, I'm a Listener.- teruteru_zombie
Prhythmatic- Reno
Pseudonym- NingenGoukaku
Can't Even Sing a Breakup Song- Yukitomo
Mechanical Migratory Bird- Peperon-P
B.E.E.R.- Man_boo
Degrade- Nasu
Love-Grief Story- mamiyo
Show Me a Dizzying Sparkle Once More!- Yankana
Let it be- Guiano
Starry Sky Tears- AzBit
Overflow My Doll- YURAGANO
Tokyo Pandemonium- 40mP
Envy Dreams- Yuran.
Just Your Voice Isn't Enough Tonight- Dayone-P
I Was Human- Picon
Electronic Diva Dream-Mystic- samayuzame
Paradise- Haruno
Crysta Maze- U-Ray
Dark Forest- tekalu
Sad-Looking- Monosenbei
Cat-Ears Complex- 40mP
When I Watch a Movie- risou
Messing With the Breaker Over Natto, My Voice Cracked- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Doomed Resistance- pepensow
Ending Pierrot- Ueda Basil
Not Enough- mao sasagawa
Mishmash Pumpkin Night- Machigerita
Camellia Complex- buzzG
in Word- Lok
Lonely H Party Night- Jimmy'z
Strain Girl- HaL
Clock of Hallow's Eve- mayuko
Null Null Null- Hinase

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