Vocaloid Highlights: May 2017

Why wish for invisibility or future sight when you can wish for a new kemu song?

Is My New Song Done Yet? - Lamaze-P
Grumbling - Ozone
Dreamless Dreams - Harumaki Gohan
Sadness and Dance - Yanaga Miyuki
Pretty Flower of Life - DADULLA
^ You should prepare yourself for EXTREME DRAGON VOICE.
Good School Girl - Mikito-P
I Wanna Be That Soon! - Kinoshita
DIGITAL - Shinseki
Kemonogahara (The Veldt) - Virgin Noize
Incarnation of Spring - Kashiko.
Loveriends - Nejishiki
I seek you - Yunosuke
The Flower I Saw in Our Last Spring - Syuu
Reality Dance - ATOLS
R.F.P (Retro Future Perspective) - N.B.W
Sirius - muzzle-lab
Nonsense Literature - Eve
mkmk - Sabato
Spring Puzzle - koyori
Just Like A Human - Shijima
From Yearning Me, To Blooming You - n.k
Dear Doppelganger - kemu

Worth Your Time
spiral of love - Mint-P
Red Cherry Split Open - Ae-P
Guide for a Pounding Pulse - shr
A Kind Song With Poor Vocabulary - Ciel-P
NAzNA - Wagahai-P
Come On Baby!! - mojo23
A Town Without Spring - ArukuHito
My My A Girl (Whirling Upward) - Dayone-P
Star Train - Macky
Night Before the Crime - Shigure
Spring is Short - Komedawara
Seabreeze - tk
Turning Communication - TOMOKI++
Until Your Back Gets Blurry - Pibo
Kaguya, Back to the Moon! - Souichi
The Girl Who Sells Misfortune - Kikuo
Sugarless Heart - shino
Bleep-Bloop Adventure - ShikakuDot
Girl is Cigarette - Klute-Akana
Cat Wearing A Box - Capitaro
You and the Sea of Ether - warpnica
Ptolemaic Theory - LITCHI
Living Eating Sadness - Non
Happy World - Elm
The Daruma Fell Down - Ncha-P
Tumble-Tumble-Tumbling - Kikuo
To You - Shokora
Rain Falling on the World - P.A.F
Sign - Syuna -one thing-
Girl in a Chilly Town - Konnichiwa Tanita-san
Just Exist, - YURAGANO
Last Page - Namazuune
Android lAst Song - Yukitomo
Caramel Syndrome - R Sound Design
Imaginary - rakurui
Subliminal Heart - Duralu
Act≒ion - Hidarite
Lyric of the Material World - Yoshikai
PANIC EATER - Tsukihi Yura,
Not Enough Sadness - Picon
Nay - Calkyon
Next Morning, the Cat Quietly Sneers - Rokuro
The Little Goldfish - Poi
Hate It. - Kirishima
Meribamerol - Anone Phantasm
Fragment - SummerGratz
Popcorn Theater - Koutei
What's a Proper Life Like? - Hernia
Dream or Reality - moguwan-P
Ground-Cherry-Color Sunset - Katobo
Too Little Time - Lamaze-P
Something or Other, Crud and Cantare - Yukitomo
Blue Solitude - muzzle-lab
Toxic Jam - OSTER project
Traveler of the Wind - Switch
In Your Opinion - Radi
XI:LESS - Virgin Noize
Cosmical☆Lamp - cisco
Dancer in the Dark - Yuukisan
MY STYLE - Osanzi
runner's beat - Hitomaru
Super Great Detective - CapsLack
Summer Overflowing - kalic
Revenge Goodbye - Nio
Ask - kimiki
That's The Way I'm Made - Katsuya
Ai-Know - ryo-ta
crude - Kyota

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