Vocaloid Highlights: April 2017

There were a lot of good songs. No foolin'.

Past the Vaporizing Heat - Monosenbei
From a Yutori With Love - Karap-P
Reading Showdown - appy
I'll Make the School Explode Tomorrow! - Watabe
Nobody Makes Sense - Pinocchio-P
Sugar Line - ArukuHito
While Playing in Secret - Nanahoshi
Comet Honeymoon - Nayutalien
Haita - Loin
Trudging Through the Day - Pote
There Lies Another Maze - Kikuo
I'm High - MARETU
Butterfly Graffiti - 8Prince
Napo-Napolitan Match - OSTER project
If You're Gonna Do a Dumb - Shero
Moonlit Night Dance - SEVENTHLINKS
Evergreen - Fuwari-P
Factory - Monosenbei
Beautiful Day - Mwk
Copying Game - Inabacumori
Hello Night - Maigo Hanyuu
Invisible Girl's Suggestion - Yuzy
Sara-bye Sara-bye - Toa
DESKTOP LOVE - Kirishima

Worth Your Time
April Fool - ryuryu
A Bouquet for a Beautiful Lie - Harufuri
Being Fools in the Flower Garden - papiyon
Girl's Slight Impatience - AoHonoo-P
C.H.O.I.C.E - Torero
Non-Material Life - Nanorita-P
Disturbance - Osakana
Youth is Cowardice - Nanagami
My Life Story - Teniwoha
You're 56876423 Years Too Early to Find Food - SLAVE V-V-R
Heart Talk - bunkiman
Fall - Anyaho
Positive Rock Heart! - Bakappa no Akashi
Answer Rain - Pemu
Spring Magic - *Luna
Spring Song, Gloomy Winter - Togenkyou
Defiant-itis - 100-kai Outo
horoscope - beacons
Stuffed Animal's Song - KEI
Over Drive Dance Club - Edgar Lovecraft
Nope Girl - Kairiki Bear
odds - H/T
N - Kurage-P
Vestalis - sunon
Kaleido Parade - Bau
Signal - EyesOnly
youme - C
Sweeping Action - Kojiro
Four Letters, "Love" - Tsukada Kouki
Piglet's Regret - Yukitomo
Epic of the Flower-Viewing Box Lunch - tk
Legend - Yuyuyu
Breath of Karaoke - Dayone-P
Town Drenched in Rain - Shirumu
Load Game, Be It Plus or Minus - Aida Noke
Anti-Gravity Town - Misumi
DTMers Don't Sleep - Tentora
Out of Season - Keienu
OBA-JAZZ - Shachipon
Across the Seasons - Mikku.
Cracked Eyes - Kikuo
Black Bear - buzzG
Tale of the Splendid Boy - yurryCanon
AR(City) TO(Fantasy)KYO - ____natural
Eternity Is? - tamaGO
Before the Lies Bloom - Kotobuki
Repêchage - KEI
All Alone Soliloquy - 40mP
You're Good, So - Hitomaru
Rainy - Guiano
Difference - Shironyan
Something Forgotten - Take
Liar Connect - PolyphonicBranch
Fishtank of Memory - Konnichiwa Tanita-san
Tesla in a Dream - TOKOTOKO
Ammesytry - Yuki (雪)
-Love- - Jille.Starz☆
flipper - Kedarui.
Merry-Go-Round - Fumi Tabuchi
Muddy Fishtank - cisco
Thank God, It's Friday!! - Non
Tonight, Dabada - Ueda Basil
Ice Age - koushirou

A cover of, apparently, Omoi's favorite song in the world: Little Love Song (Omoi Synth Rock Cover)

And lastly, CocoaCigarette-P is releasing an album with one 67-minute song, apparently a combination of their previous three. The posted "short version" is 30 minutes. Behold... The Vocaloids Just Repeat Two Chords Shouting Stuff Like Tetetetere.

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