Vocaloid Highlights: November 2016

We have always been at 16bit Warz with sasakure.UK.

Legend of Japan's Best Ramen - Watabe
Average Night Thoughts - Aru Choumiryou
Our 16bit endZ Trigger - sasakure.UK
Lurrrve - 100-kai Outo
Tepic Tepoch - technoplanet
Night Ghost Story Girl - Gasoline to Yabou
Holiday Daydream Rhapsody - bunkiman
poppin' jumpin' - marasy & kors k
Spiral - Yunosuke
brilliant - niki
Spinning Sky Rabbit - Orangestar
Different!!! - Carlos Hakamada
Fate - Natsuki Aoya
Tokyo Genocide - Virgin Noize
Even More Than - *Luna
Touching, Dyeing, Floating - Nishino
Side-View - tama
The Shoe-Shiner and Maria - Nanou
Alkali Inferiority - Kairiki Bear
Half-Made Impression - Inabacumori
Colored Electricity - Mushi-P
^ Video contains a lot of rapidly-flashing colors.
Zombinne - Yuugou-P

Worth Your Time
Dream Path - Akkii
Monaural Trip Girl - Pottor
Girl M's Desire - elifee
Frontline Spirit Journey - Nanahoshi
The Cat Laughs at Midnight - Misumi
Coastline Metronome - Guiano
Mayday From Watercolor Dreams - mint*
Mira - Le-Hashito
Soul-Eating Long Dream (Requiem) - Owata-P
Tear Light Flash - Daiki Fujita
Juvenile - Clean Tears
Song of Loves and Hates - YM
Emma - r0y
My Evolving World - Osanzi
Ubiquitous - pno
CALLING - itikura
Tear Candy - Dayone-P
You're at the Bottom of the Sea - Otohogi
Liar Kingdom - Tsukada Kouki
Windy - Myomoto
First Love Winter Fireworks - jiji
Fool's Judgement - Nejishiki
Before the Hawk Births a Kite - Gonnosuke
Girl R's Center - elifee
Bravado Behavior - Jesus-P
Hate - HastyHat
Maple Mania - Torero
Traumerei Clock Town - ArukuHito
Zombie VS Zombie - MachJinsei
Case of the Cat Mansion Double Suicide - Teniwoha
You and the Stars, Prologue - Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Daydream Sentiment Compensation Federation - DECO*27
City Luminous - Otozuki
I'd Rather Be Confessed To - Yuyuyu
In Praise of Fran - bobobo
Dream Weaving - nanami
Candy-Rain, Shake-Fall - Reflux
Possessed-Item Seller - bibuko
Upside-Down Horizon - Furikake-P
A Bouquet to the Dying Summer - Yatoichi
Water Sound and Curtain - MIMI
Dreamer - Teary Planet
Waiting An Eternity - Task
Rabbit's Beat - Aida Noke
pure - Zenzenryokuryoku
Clover Orphanage - Okita Nemu.
marble future rate - Daiki Fujita
ERUMOA - AsteRhythm
RPG - Nishimon
6-7-5-1 - L-tone
Snow Color. Elegy - Kyota
Pretense Sentiment - Heiya Deis
I'll Meet U - Katobo
How to Live in a Snowy Town - RT-G.o.B.S
Half Biscuit - koushirou

An October song that made it to the rankings later: oQ's Bookstore

Omoi's cover of their old song Hey William: Hey William (New Translation)

And Omoi's remix of niki's -ERROR: -ERROR (Synth Rock Cover)

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