Vocaloid Highlights: October 2016

This Halloween, go on a date with a zombie girl.


Story- Wataru Sena
Humming Weather ~Cleaning, Laundry, Homework, Me~- 40mP
Humming Shopping- *Luna
Dance and Dance- YM
Husk Body- Miyake
^ Video contains a bunch of body horror and blood.
Space and Meal- Pote
Wind-Up Heart- Karap-P
Owls in the Forest- Monosenbei
Shedding Ride- Nejishiki
Autumn Breeze, Maples, Storybooks- MASAOMI
A-Love-Cadabra- Tentsuku
Master Key- K-Dash
Planet Loop- Nayutalien
White Lily- Keienu
Love-Hate Cycle Rossoneri- TAMIYA
Halloween Dance With You- ShikakuDot
Closed-for-Rain Liar Boat- nwp8861
Thru T N- Spacelectro
Hallowe'en Night Party?- RT-G.o.B.S
Living With Depression- Yanaga Miyuki

Worth Your Time

Gray Joker- L-tone
Fashion Wear- Rerulili
Goodbye Lonely- NOKA__makegumi
^ To "enhance" the experience, imagine it being sung by a Roomba bumping into chairs, because that's what the song was made for.
Smoke- Yuu Miyashita
Flower Night Drizzle- Edgar Lovecraft
Lovely Ensemble- Rerulili
Please Teach Me- Ncha-P
Disturb Manic Girl- Rerulili
Future Note App- Glutamine
Gaping Minder Love- Capitaro
GET YOU!- Osanzi
Akanbe- Kashiko.
Inner Lock Word- Synchro
cocorovoice- tilt
Mononoke Strip- n.k
That Cute Boy's 100% Mixed Juice- Shokubai Phantom Girl
Anemone- Oniginisu
Garbage Memory- Death Ohagi
Blue- HageOyaji(Do)M
Charles- Balloon
Dancing in Otherworld Twilight- Kyouso
Double MÄ“- Nanameue-P
Girlfriend- Nagato
You Have Trance Dreams- ArukuHito
Empty-Bedroom You- waga
Guilty Fiction- Teniwoha
Meme Pot- Ncha-P
lili.- Yuukisan
I'm Not Your Agitator- Neru
White Line- halyosy
Addicted to You- Hifumi
The Secret of You- Naruse
sanzamek- shima
Cigarette- Hutari
Tell Me Tell Me- FALL
Waltz Into the Moonlit Night- Potential0
Lost Prey and Hunting Beast- noface
Your Paradise- Kosuge Konnyaku
Odoryanse (Safe To Dance)- yurryCanon
Spooky and the Unending Halloween- FAULHEIT
New World- jon-YAKITORY
Pumpkin Parade- Yuugou-P
Having the Same Dream Again- TOKOTOKO
Aveugle Gaul- Aoto Kei
Untitled- Ningen♯
Life Ghost Member- Teniwoha
Hoippy☆Wan-derland- DADULLA
Sentimental Logic- iski & syunkit
And Then, We Dance- Masii
Hungry Halloween Night- Potato-kun
Lies and Binary- ArukuHito
Happy Halloween Musicas- Machigerita
Can't Love (Anything Else)- Jille.Starz☆
^ Contains, uh, a really out-of-place use of an English swear word??
Government Conspiracy- koushirou
Egoist- Shero
Candle of Hallow's Eve- mayuko
scarlet rain- Terakomuro-P
Afterglow Fake End- Kohm

Happy Halloween???

The Bridge to Two Days Later- Patty Fudosan

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