Vocaloid Highlights: September 2016

It's official: Sachiko is IA's mom now. I mean, the facts are right there.


Peter Pan's Depression- Hanari
Crepe! 3-Minute Cooking ♪- Fuwari-P
Cute'n Cute'n Luck Cute Luck- RUBY-CATMAN
Fragile- Nuyuri
Goodbye, Sevenstars- yamada
Tears River- Mikito-P
^ Read as "Passion Three Dot Sensation," even though that's not at all how titles work.
Hated One's Song- 164
Reversible Campaign- DECO*27
Teacher- Teniwoha
LaLaLove- Umetora
Daybreak's Cry- Fuwari-P
Three-Legged Race- mie
Sentenced to Tickle-Hell- Jesus-P
Every Kind of Lurve to You- Kinoshita
Vivid Meteor Swarm- YASUHIRO
Noside Suicide- zakooon
Everything About Animals- Pinocchio-P
Snow Thaw Ticket- yuki
(Did you) love song?- MachJinsei
Festival Touring- Misumi

Worth Your Time

Guitar Boy Just Dances- Om
Sunflower's Memory- Hutari
one for one- CapsLack
Lie Story- Senmu
In Public- Masa's Studio
Rainy Dance Music- tama
I Will Show To You II ~Rice Liquor Chapter~- Shouchuu-P
Adult's Longing- Jitabata-P
I Was Tricked!- Isaku-P
Spiral Corridor- Akatin
Tender Love Apartment- Soryuushi 49
Sanctuary- LITCHI
Numbskull Foolish Strange Drink Log- HaTa
Moon Drops- mie
kaleidoscape- nonemu
Letter Curse- Kaitendaentai
Conceited Boy- *Luna
Finé- Keienu
morning shift - orchestra ver.- L-tone
It Was All Too Human- HaTa
Radioman- kimiki
Wicked Mischief- Ueda Basil
Wanna Go Home- Coro-kun
Gone Missing- Daiki Fujita
Cyclops's Monologue- Shitoo
Chasing Love's Tail- An
Stella Coil- Imoken
Secret Hole- Penpengusa
Last smile- CROSS
Seven Star- Shigure
Town Without You- Aisaki Ruyo.
Linaria- Nanaya
First Ten Steps- Arpeggia
Raindrop TRIP- Norison
Summer's Storied Close- koushirou
Homesick- ShiroHarinezumi
Words- Raizen
Unfair Addiction- Meatsaucer
Cat and Flowerbed- miriko
Fall From the White Line, You Die- Komiyachan-P
Paradise Roa- Nia
Your Kindness- Jille.Starz☆
Life Of Your Own- EasyPop
☆Tell-Melo-Keroppa☆- Senmu
Airy voice- TriadD Grid
Until This Song Ends- YuZZi
I Want 30 Billion Yen An Hour- MesuCylinder
Dirty Clean- mao sasagawa
Inverted Libera- FAULHEIT
You Become An Adult- ArukuHito
Summer Magic- *Luna
Nonsense FACTORY- Labo
Dozing Gloomy- Sarao
Full-On Autumn- RT-G.o.B.S
Maiden Royt - an innocent Royt -- Masii

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