Vocaloid Highlights: August 2016

Happy birthday, Miku! I got you way too many good songs to make a shorter list.


118 (Iiya)- DECO*27
Space Burial- Chintara
Blind Sailor- Sarasa
Vanished Into Our World- Keienu
Black Out- Umetora
Average Hero- caco-2
Synchronizer- Orangestar
RABBIT- monaca:factory
The Likes of Her- Mikito-P
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome- Maigo Hanyuu
I Can Only Hear Tears- SEDO Sounder
Pipe Dream Spiral- Last Note.
These Boring Days Are Fantastic- Kinoshita
Sugar Guitar- Police Piccadilly
Pascal Beats- Inabacumori
Our Broken Anthem- Circus-P
I'm Glad You're A Bad Person Too- Pinocchio-P
To Andromeda In An Instant- Omoi
Future Byte- Aida Noke
Che-Che-Check One Two!- Kurage-P

Worth Your Time

Hoi- Mikito-P
Flowers of Light- CoquinCoquine-P
Romantic Decoration- An
Detour Tour- EZFG
Childhood- Nejishiki
IBUKI- HageOyaji(Do)M
White Raven- Torero
Yoi-Yoi!- Ninihi
Me and Juliet- doriko
Flash Fireworks- Nanashi Hachiya
Seaside Goodbye- Zig
Lost Color Turns Blue- Nuyuri
Cluster of Nonsense- Harufuri
Infinite Planet- Kesumaru
Sing-Sing- appy
Cosmatic☆Universe- Hotaru Iwaizumi
Hot- anomimi
Flying Train of Happiness- sea-no
Logical Effect- FAULHEIT
Falling Moon, Sky and Flower- Eran
Maybe We Could Date- Kazuchi
Myself≒Yourself- doriko
My Boyfriend is Private- Dayone-P
Transparent Summer- MIMI
Firefly's Light- tekalu
Seventeen- Qualia
Illegal Magic- Zankyou-P
Love Sensation- Haretora
Tears in Your Color- statick
Sixteenth Night Love- Oniginisu
Collect Connect- Y2
Ghost Girl- Shero
Unattainable Flower- mickeY
Colorful- 0o0 (Mitsuo)
Flowers Blooming in Late Summer- Sakasama-P
Nameless Summer- Nia
figure.- sasakure.UK
Super High!- lumo
Sorry I'm Not Honest.- Aotani
Nea's Illusion Game- Kou
Decades to Live- Nashimoto-P
Soda-Flavored Shaved Ice- Jumi
Heart Nonsense- Kairiki Bear
Mitschuldiger is Lover- Mer
^ Original PV was deleted, so a mirror is linked. Official reupload without PV here.
Hookey-Playing Song- Usushio Shisuu
Bye-Bye-Byeee- Kesumaru
Unlock- Garin
Goodbye Soft-Carbonated Acid Girl- Hifumi
Starry Sky Melody- UdonTimer-P
Miku's Coming Carrying A Leek- Nitopan
World Trippin' 2016- zalas
Call- Lamaze-P
Tin Boy Selection- mayuko
Money-Making Logic- yurryCanon
That Kind of Season- Tezuka

Haaaaah, Aaaaahhhh, Talala-Tala-Talanlahla-Talanlah

The Vocaloids Just Shout- CocoaCigarette-P

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