Vocaloid Highlights: July 2016

Better get these highlights posted before dawn; I've got a retro-3D game to be in then.

Flying Jellyfish - Agoaniki
Person is Tube - Anyaho
Pyrokinesis - saiB
Rapunzel - n-buna
Corpse Princess - r0y
Flying Girl - Nayutalien
rem - nakano4
Resonance Before Dawn - tilt
Caramel Macchiato - Alpha
Ammolite Memory - mie
Let Us! - Masuo
Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Memory - Wataru Sena
Evening Hue - Balloon
tanzanite - narry
elsewhere - muzzle-lab
Moon Desert - Bakuro
Crown of Lead - Yuukisan
Question Mark at the End - Pote
ARROW - niki

Worth Your Time
Transform - CoquinCoquine-P
Comet Sentimental - Ayaha
Unsinkable Lady - Katobo
Charlotte - Takenoko Shounen
Sentimental Replay - capils
Supernova - Torero
Love is Ultramarine - Machida
Bottom of the Tank - deep dark water - - Masii
A Room of Trash Sinks Into Rust - Konnichiwa Tanita-san
Flower and Soda - 6410
Sirius - Zankyou-P
She - CroissantChicago
Bound Heart - Jirno
Summer Grass Wilts With Summer - Over Forte
Barbed Eye - Mikito-P
Warning - msr
Utopia - Kurourieimi
Refrainy day - Kazawara
Whereabouts of Sigh - 40mP
The Blue Clears, You Melt Into the Heat Haze - Yuuguno
One-Side Love - Dayone-P
Monster Heart - Tentsuku
Goodbye, Linaria Aquarium - Yono
Rainy Day - Rio T.
Secret Macaron - Gibson
Ahh, Summer Is Coming - msy
Space Flower - warpnica
Sunset Blue Moon - hano
Blue-Eyed Astraea - UdonTimer-P
Love & Destroy - napoliemon
Arpeggio - Clean Tears
Until I Can Sing Again, I'll Shout At You - Kinoshita
The Love Song - Aoi (π≒3)
Hate, Hate, Huge Ego! - Kurage-P
Hello Hello - Zankyou-P
Picturesque View - Misumi
Quickly - Kogetchad
Blue Firefly Words - Aoto Kei
At the Mercy of the Sky - Guiano
That One, What One - Nanahoshi
Noalgoble, the Doll of Atonement - Madoka Kurosawa
Blue Flanker - Bubble
Jealous Planet - Mikito-P
Marble Hero - spurblue.
Case of the Great Detective Murders - Teniwoha
Heart-Echo Frequency - koushirou

I Just Like the Title
Sentimentally Egg - Lamaze-P

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