Vocaloid Highlights: June 2016

You want to listen to some good Vocaloid songs? Go ahead. (๑'ᴗ'๑)


The Daruma Fell In Love- Glutamine
Fickle Mercy- 8Prince
Drive With You Until Morning- tomoya
Name of Sin- ryo (supercell)
Just Living is Circle-Triangle-Square- daniwell
You in June.- Kosuge Konnyaku
Rhapsody of Betrayal- L-tone
Can't Find Eternity?!- daniwell
Metamorphosis Comic- Teniwoha
Bit Heart- Pote
Woofwoo-fwoof- YASUHIRO
Law-Evasion Rock- Neru
Birthday- ryuryu
Pizzicato Drops- Toa
Girls in Love Become Cats- mint*
Basket Worm- napoliemon
39 Music!- Mikito-P
Go Ahead (๑'ᴗ'๑)- SEDO Sounder
friend? in the rain- Tonkatsu

Worth Your Time

Game of Death- Natsuki Aoya
Dreaming Macaron Girl- Re:nG
Camellia Princess- Shachipon
The Seasons- hugterunn
= Destiny =- HageOyaji(Do)M
Guffaw- CoquinCoquine-P
^ Warning: PV contains disturbing, inappropriate images of a sexual nature.
Rabbit Feelings- cosMo (DJ Mochiyo)
Lapis Lazuli- MIMI
Good Weather in Kyoto Today- Owata-P
Pocket-Size Dramaticali- TOKOTOKO
Long Long Rain- mayuko
Spring Rain- Udura
Dancer of Izu- Kashitaro Ito
Dick-Dick Saturday Night- Sawadarling
Goodbye to Summer- Kid
Sorry for My Bad Attitude.- Aotani
Is That Okay?- Chiquewa
Lamp of Sugar- Fushimatsu
Queen of the Night- Nejishiki
Cats And Moon- Kuronosuke-P
Juggernaut's Promise- Square
That Morning, Phosporescent- Shigure Tsuchiyama
Sunset March- K-Dash
Art Thou a Werewolf?- Yucha
Dusk Lamp- Yuuguno
I'll Make It A Memory- Ueda Basil
Reraise- Issan
Localized Rain- SummerGratz
Rem Rem- Tentsuku
DayS- Myomoto
Being Killed- Guiano
Swimming- tama
Called Cold- Sawadarling
Mrs. Irony- napoliemon
Painted in the Starry Town- Liz.
Soaring Dragon Song- Matsuki
Momentary Dreams- Maigo Hanyuu
Words of lie- Watabe
Tranquilizer- Xhloe
Miss.Umbrella- Loin
Transparent Color- WONDERGLASS
Rainy Day Notice- ao
Iris- Tobi.
June Cicada Shells- 5u5h1

And lest we forget that important holiday we celebrated: Macaron (Macaron Day Remix)

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