Vocaloid Highlights: April 2016

You'd be a fool not to listen to Jade Town, at least.

Ukiyoe Peperoncino - Neji.
33C++ - Karap-P
Game Set - Owata-P
Risky Maze - An
Alien Alien - Nayutalien
Comparing Heights - Wataru Sena
Jade Town - Mer
^ Original PV was deleted, so a mirror is linked. Official reupload without PV here.
Yes and No, Yea and Nay - Morimoto HiroCt
I Saw An Angel - Chiaki Natsume
Who You're Waiting For - Duralu
RED STAR - Umetora
Cynic - Police Piccadilly
Though Rejected, Though Rejected - EZFG
Insult - SEDO Sounder
It Won't End With a Happy End - Pote
Sleep Ode - nadauyu
Dance, Orchestra - YASUHIRO
Parallel Mechanism - Misumi
You're What I Desire - Umetora
Mirage Memories - Misumi

Worth Your Time
Tomorrow - 8Prince
Pleasant Mi-Mollet - kamikaze
saku*life - keisei
Declaration of Closing Bloom - 40mP
Tokyo Ballet - CroissantChicago
Barobakure - Zankyou-P
Dream End, Refrain - Sakuramodoki
OVERRIDE - Nanahoshi
Landslide - Yunosuke
Dive Underground! - Inoppi
Landscape - capils
I Don't Believe Summer Ends - Kesumaru
Sakura Rock 'n' Roll Parade - mint*
Lonesome Number - Kou
Skull Blooming in the Credits - SummerGratz
Eye Liar - 40mP
Rain Second-Heart - Aoto Kei
Unclear Love - Naruse
Entrancing Dance - Katsuki Uemura
Instant Resistance - 0o0 (Mitsuo)
Beautiful World - n.k
Tokyo Monochro - Owata-P
My Awaited - Koshian
last will - doriko
Babel Circus - Diarays
Error-Searching - MIRAISONIC
^ Miku version
Miku's Ears - Kimuran
Earth-Shattering - Lamaze-P
Ghost Signal - Paru♪
One Day in the Rain - FALL
Fantasy Village Rhapsody - The Landmark
Vending Machine by the Station - Dayone-P
Puella Maga's Sleepless Night - Rider-P
In the Event the World Was Destroyed - PolyphonicBranch
snowy letter - tekalu
Contagious Talk - BakuhaMikan

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