Vocaloid Highlights: March 2016

Keeping up with Vocaloid, just a little Bit at a time.

Pocket - emon(Tes.)
M's Mental Image - kalic
Cooler Girl - Inabacumori
Fine-Print Bargain - TOUYU
Swallow the Morning - Balloon
Falling... - MINO-U
That Crappy J-Pop - Nashimoto-P
Paper Doll - Kikuo
The Ruler's Leaning Tower - Furu
Thought-Clad - Misumi
The Flying Girl and Me - Glutamine
Shoutphony Musica - Capitaro
Alien Girlfriend - 40mP
Heart of selector - sizimi
Grinning Mannequin - napoliemon
Dive!! - SummerGratz
Bloom, Girl, and Eat It, Boy - n.k
1BitHeart - Tezuka
^ Minx version
Paper Moon - muzzle-lab

Worth Your Time
Fate Retribution Proclamation of War - Maze-P
frost - K-Dash
Astronomical Telescope - Sunday-P
A Joyous Breakfast With You - leal
FAQ - Ribako Edogawa
Funk beat≠Junk beat - nyanyannya
Lemon and Lime - imis!n
No Way, I Won't Work - Lamaze-P
My Justice - Shinseki
Stardust Orchestra - Hayabusa
White Snow - n-buna
Psyche Luger - Harufuri
Goodbye Memory - ttmywrk
Goodbye Lady - Potsura New Guinea
Imitation Revelation - Fish Chips
I'll Peel Skin, Tear Meat, and Sleep With You - Kayo Chihata
Shelter - 23.exe
To You of the Passing March - doriko
ASH - Tasogare-P
Dear Wife - Lamaze-P
I'll Live Until I Die - Usushio Shisuu
Viola Flower - tunasarada
Final Chocolate - Lupo Ichinose
Oltre - Mushi-P
Husk March - mayuko
Three Winter Months. Rain and Midnight - Kyota
Strange Phenomenon of the Spring Breeze - Shokubai Phantom Girl
Magic Lantern Meet - Shijima
ReLief - sele
21g - Udayu
Acerola - TOKOTOKO
Kung-Fu Girls Look Forward - Xotic Kamatani
I'm Sorry - TakaP

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