Vocaloid Highlights: February 2016

We need to do some restructuring around here. Bring in the fairies.


The Dragon Valley and Sun Fortress- Ishifuro
Little Bit, Adult Hit- lumo
No-Good Swindling- EZFG
ONE OFF MIND- Van de shop
Western Girl's Pastry Studio- Okka
Alice in Freezer- Orangestar
Touched by a Vase- Balloon
Ferris Wheel of Conceit- Amenosuke
On Body Disassembly and Reassembly,- Konnichiwa Tanita-san
Chulurila Chilurila Da-Da-Da!- Kurage-P
Secret Music- Inabacumori
Unreal Blue- Misumi
humsong- Pinocchio-P
A Happy Ending No One Knows- 40mP
Restruct- n.k

Worth Your Time

Love Comic- 40mP
NEXT STAGE!!- 8Prince
Lovin' you- Yunosuke
Tokyo Analyze (Complete)- Izure
A Stitch- Shimono.
Boundary of Sea and Sky- aquamarine
Reflay Asterisky*- Aoto Kei
Indigo and Siren- Zig
Dancing Dice- Nejishiki
Miku Miku Miku (I, Thank You, Future)- Ugo-P
Stranger in the Snow- Shareotsu-P
Shoutër- halyosy
Back Alley Tag- Task
Kaitoasty (Attakaito)- halyosy
SHAKE BODY ~Our Ultimate Heartbreak Song~- 8Prince
Magic!- Aono.Y
Rainbow Cider- mizki
Ceiling- Qualia
Instant Violence- HENSHIN
Dead End Street- Mah
On the Unbearable Clearness of Existence, or the Raison D'Etre of Modern Science- muzzle-lab
Mellow- regulus
Suzhou Renbo- Mikito-P
frankonia- lightspop
World of Void ~Parallel World~- Karen
Game of Life- Elm
Starry Planet- Suu
the surface of the water- Solakurage
February Bride- risou

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