Vocaloid Highlights: December 2015

In the new year, let's strive to Make Vocaloid Real.


Piece of Junk Dystalker- sasakure.UK
ARTICUTION: A Magician's Confession- Treow
Virtual Singer- Udayu
Strato Stella- Nayutalien
Tokyo Mannequin- Pinocchio-P
Chambara Johnny- DECO*27
Lamplight- Yuki Kotoba
Rain of Time, the Final War- Orangestar
UZ (All of Space)- daniwell
Re:birthed- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Me and Me.- Tentsuku
Watashi-Boy and Ore-Girl- nyanyannya
Sweet X'mas- jon-YAKITORY
My Motivation is Dead- Pinocchio-P
Blessed Be the Woken You- HaTa
Last Painter- Nejishiki
Goodbye Souvenir- Toa
Flowww- daniwell
If You're Gonna Compose, Do It Now!- Lamaze-P

Worth Your Time

Twilight Room- 40mP
Afloat- Tiara
Quest- Rerulili
Hanako Stays Behind- YASUHIRO
EXiT- caco-2
Boy A's Sprint- Tentsuku
auRelia- Teishotoku-P
Black Coffee- SetsU
Star Sully- Zig
Beyond the Sky- hano
The Nighthawk Star- Kashitaro Ito
hello- U-Ray
Amusement Place- Balloon
VOICE- Osanzi
My Name- Soryuushi 49
Feverish Emotion- PSGOZ
Punched by the Citizens of Mie- Joe
Pandemeanderum- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
^ Contains some spoilers for the final issue of The Festive Monster's Cheerful Failure.
Artery- AVTechNO!
Runaway Boy- Oa
Board the Last Train Re:CaLL- Liz.
Dec.25- Okumyuu
Castle of Sand- KORBY
Miracle Fantasy- Kasane
Fleuret Festival Town- tekalu
Record of Reincarnation in the Turning World- Hijiri
The Photographer in Whale Park- Yono
To Zero- Vocaliod-P
Rin Len Maid Factor- Yogarasu-P
Chinese Lane of Love- Kid
Two's Path, Two's World- marlro
Chance Meeting Reactor- 0o0 (Mitsuo)
Let Me Sing For You- Yui
embrace- Taruto-P
To Garbage Me- Hayabusa

Also, Owata-P did another Splatoon remix. Calamari Inkantation -Tower Mix-

And last but not least...

The Vocaloids Just Tete-tere-te

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