Vocaloid Highlights: November 2015

With Ishifuro leaving Vocaloid, I had better see a whole lot more hidden penguins and "sei no!"s to fill the void.


R.I.P. Sea of Gossip- cosMo
Dyed Your Color- TOKOTOKO
Story x Teller- cosMo
Seed of Love- Haretora
Test Flight- yuwa
On a Wingless Back- TriadD Grid
Jealous Heart- *Luna
Skip & Step- Sue-P
Love Me- Toa
World Domination- caco-2
I Want An Unbreaking Heart- Ishifuro
Vanilla and Waking Dream- Misumi
Literature in the Girl- HaTa
Relief- Morimoto HiroCt
Systematic Orchestra- n.k
Water Rain- Guiano
Goodbye Girl, Let's Meet Again- Ishifuro

Worth Your Time

Blind- PIPPO
Captain Cook and Water Burial- 666
Liar Witch and Gray Rainbow- Soraru
Not Alive- Ginsuke
The Voice Here- Nanameue-P
Walkings- Kakemaru Ichida
First Love- Osanzi
You and the Lifeblood- Pibo
Copypasted So Far- Guiano
Reason to Be in this World- Zenzenryokuryoku
Hibiscus Syriacus Turns Its Back to Summer- Mer
Windowsill Impromptu- Owata-P
Infinite Wings- Hayabusa
Profile- regulus
Blue Star- 8Prince
Sweet Tooth's Sweet Bun Addiction- Ael
Seventh Tune- Tamajin
Apart- FloatGarden
Bergamot Girl- Harufuri
Watching☆Girl- Team Aburitorodon
Hues and Broken Glass- sea-no
REQUEST- Nanagami
Synthenic Organize- Gedou-san
Past Days Sparkle (outtake)- ryuryu
Fall in Fall- Mame Aozora
Form of Love- Xotic Kamatani
Radical Gear- muhmue
Deaf Ears- Madoka Kurosawa
Glossy a Liar- Yura Tsukihi
Idiotic- Ritty
I Met Someone I Like.- Yamikuro

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