Vocaloid Highlights: September 2015

* Realizing that no matter how picky you are, there are still too many songs to highlight...

* It fills you with determination.


Topiary- Balloon
Catch Me If You Can- Karasuya Sabou
Prototype Declaration- Police Piccadilly
Sunflower- 0o0 (Mitsuo)
Chick Egg Cafe- Mezame-P
stray kids- MimiRobo-P
ExTeNdEr- Yunosuke
The People Crossing- Ninihi
Regret- Toa
Before Birth- MARETU
Live Just the Way You Want- Layla
Meringue Doll- monaca:factory
Tokyo Zombie Land- Jesus-P
Hate- Haretora
You Copy : I Copy- Okayu
Healthy End- Powapowa-P
Nyanco Overflow- daniwell
WASSHOI ~Our Ultimate Festival Song~- 8Prince
CLEAR- hinayukki

Worth Your Time

Good Night.- Potential0
Toy Parade- leal
Summer Sunny Wind- Meatsaucer
PERFECT SMILE :)- Spacelectro
Development of Amazing Apps- Jesus-P
Zenriki Beat- iNat
firefly- Teniwoha
√AICARIOUS- Nanahoshi
The Little Goldfish- Sunatsubu
Stella- Misumi
AI YUENI- daniwell
If It's a Jackpot, Dance 'n' Sing- Ishifuro
Secret Color- Pibo
I Hate It- magu
Period of Love- Hutari
Fruits Party!!- Solakurage
Liar Amy- Zig
Monkey Business- Natsuki Aoya
Daydream Lens- Shikemoku
Floaty Thoughts- Ryo (了)
Beeeeeam!!!- ManGenSay
I Still Love!- Xotic Kamatani
Sound Color- Kunimaly
Cornea- uz
Cactus's Feelings- Kid
Vector Line- Osanzi
52 Promises Between Me and You- Watabe
Bittersweet Memory- Papikorin
Lizard- Gunyo
in the spring- Daiki Fujita
Onnoji- Vocaliod-P
Fantastic☆Sushi- Chintara
New World- Kaisei-P
auLelia- Teishotoku-P
Farewell Energy- Tentsuku
Tantalizing- yume
Prayer- wtnb
Hello New World- n.k
1year- Pinocchio-P
isotext- HanaSoumen-P
Licht- Nejishiki
harmful harmonics- Pibo
Anamnesis- Udayu
she! see! sea!- -shun-
Reverse Days- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Summer Sky and Bandages- Kou
Burn Wound- Epoch

Regarding Healthy End: Yes, it's a posthumous work. The song was certainly intended to be posted, as Powapowa-P asked Yuma Saito to do the PV for it before he passed away. There are apparently many other unposted songs and demos left, so those may be posted in the future.

Oh, and Development of Amazing Apps isn't really a September song, but it was only on YouTube until then for some reason, so... there it is.

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