Vocaloid Highlights: August 2015

You come onto my blog, on the day of our daughter's birthday, and you ask me to do highlights?

Well, okay. They're just gonna be late.


Flower Rail- OSTER project
Mistake Girl- Kairiki Bear
Summer Wind Rising Sun- Zips
Ocha Girl- Kou
August Rainey- Harumaki Gohan
BURNING- Umetora
Scrumize- MARETU
Beating- ATOLS
The One Who Sings Your Wishes- doriko
Outernet Explorer- lumo
Falling- papiyon
It's A Festival, Hey C'mon!- Pinocchio-P
Glucagon- EZFG
Source Life- Orangestar
You Say Everybody's Got Those Feelings, But They're All Smiling Smiling Smiling, So I Can't Believe It- Usushio Shisuu
Raindrop Drops- Capitaro
First Train and Kafka- n-buna
Straw Hat- Lefty Monster
How's Progress?- muzzle-lab
How To Warp- Nayutalien

Worth Your Time

Eureka Only at Night- mao sasagawa
Passing the Night- Tezuka
Rocket Cider- Nayutalien
Black Self Riser- Jesus-P
Meal- Utsu-P
Shooting Star- 8Prince
Answerless and Stop Line- Aoto Kei
Summer's Mellow- Mer
Run Away! It's Reality!- Owata-P
That Day's Lies and Truthful Tears- Retasu-P
Ai-Sigh-Gasa- Xotic Kamatani
Piano and Magmel- Zig
M- Toa
Croire Etoile- PIPPO
That Summer Seen Somewhere- Wataru Sena
August Pianist- CroissantChicago
FPS- Neru
I-Logical- mao sasagawa
Farewell Kiss on a Dragon's Back- mampuku
Puny Producer- Junpaku-P
Plant- CroissantChicago
Your Night Sky Patrol- Orangestar
Pygmalion- out of survice
Lightly, Gently.- Fuwari-P
Longing Little Mermaid- YASUHIRO
Mind Voice- samfree
yours- keeno
Full Stop Score- Kyota
Bottle Ship Chronicle- HaTa
Little Lamplight- Eight
Because.- Tentsuku
I Forgot You- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Colors of your blue- Nanashi Hachiya
Starspace Kaleidoscope- mint*
undefined- CROSS
I'll Compose It!- renybox
Synesthesia's Clear Summer- YunoLv3
Amid Buzzing Cicadas- Xotic Kamatani
Old-Fashioned Children- Nuyuri
My Oar- Kurage-P
Wei├čer Schnee- regulus
Parallel Birth- tilt

Bonus Goodies

The Vocaloids Just Repeat Two Chords- CocoaCigarette-P
Calamari Inkantation -peaceful mix-- Owata-P
Farewell Band (Sachiko Version)- Kobayashi Onyx

If you like that Two Chords one, make sure you've seen the classic: The Vocaloids Had A Jam Session: Moonlight Stage Jazz Samba Remix

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