Vocaloid Highlights: July 2015

We say farewell, but it's not the end.


Hello There, Earthling- Pinocchio-P
Airy Bodhisattva Girl- zakooon
Hand in Hand (Magical Mirai ver.)- kz(livetune)
Aira- n-buna
Mama- HoneyWorks
Absolute Lady- koyori
Copernicus- doriko
Luna- monaca:factory
Crybaby Repeat- Kohm
Unending Rainfall- muzzle-lab
Terminating the World- Neru
Farewell Band- Kobayashi Onyx
Red Pen, Please- Powapowa-P
Decide!- nyanyannya
Highly Colorful Flower Dance- oQ
Rainbow Wedding Bells- Ncha-P
your voice- BIGHEAD
Confusing Blue- Nuyuri
The Real Disappearance of Hatsune Miku- cosMo
Pirate F's Portrait- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Festival- Wonder-K

Worth Your Time

Another Day, Thinking of You- nami
Don't Encircle Me- Inumaru Shibaigoya
Three-Chord Love Letter- Noak
At Least- adstlaxy
Mean-Spirited Meeting- HoneyWorks
Million Dollar Dreamers- Kanon69
Star-Weaving Song- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Painted With Watercolors- Misumi
There Ain't Nothing- Usushio Shisuu
Emotional Monochrome- Koruku
Star Sieve- La+
smile chain- keisei
Winning Odds◎Front Line- Jesus-P
Coolest Hero- makoto
Rain Love- Nekome-P
First Time- Nanahoshi
Gah, Shut Up.- syudou
Narrow- mukami
Dawn-Colored Shoes- Nejishiki
Cla-morous Land- HaTa
Thought Secret- sea-no
Red Light- Usushio Shisuu
Swindler Rock- Groove
All of Me- Shounen T
Crappy Fantasy Days- Pinocchio-P
Future=Mirai Girl- Nekome-P
Rainfall Etcetera- PolyphonicBranch
Kind Ghost Story- 150P
Last Dance- Nejishiki
SEVENFALLS Eight Standup- Kyouinu
Uninhabited Station- n-buna
March of Trash- YASUHIRO
Tokyo Summer Session- HoneyWorks
Still the World is Smiling- Patty Fudosan
Lingering Fireworks- Orangestar
Early Summer, Bloodlust Like a Sickness in Town- Konnichiwa Tanita-san
The Flower on the Sunset Hill- mie
I Want to Bathe in Rain- Layla
Conducdance- Harufuri
Nightmare Carnival- K-Dash
The Crow's Way Home- YM
Gimme Love, Gimme Kiss- samfree

This month's highlights have a saddening, but necessary postscript for those who weren't aware. Powapowa-P, AKA Siina Mota, passed away on July 23rd at the age of 20. Red Pen, Please was his last song, posted shortly before his death.

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