Vocaloid Highlights: June 2015

I won't make a special Super-Stand-Outs section since that would be silly, but listen to Hanamaru World and fuzzy, okay.


What I Want To Tell You- Nekobolo
Shooting Star- TeddyLoid
Dawn Moon Night- HoneyWorks
Hanamaru World- Fuwari-P
One Room Lovers- Nanashi Hachiya
Want To Say- Yunosuke
I Had A Dream Like This.- HaTa
Doctor Funkbeat- nyanyannya
Don't Stop the Music- Taa
Narrator- Owata-P
Reckless ☆ Good Day- 40mP
She Who Loves Numbers- Kesumaru
The Rotating Problem- vilP
Rainy Heart Pattern- niwano yui
I need you- imis!n
Nameless You and Nameless Town- Team Kamiuta
Arigatros- YM
fuzzy- Wataru Sena
Fragment- sea-no
Logiometry- Maya (マヤ)

Worth Your Time

Andromeda- Nanahoshi
Sens Unique!- Aoi
Sweat- Nio
Platonic Love- Mer
rain cats and dogs- Asin Kuroda
Goodbye Melancholy- Nobumako
Merry Bad- Zig
Vermin Killer- Orangestar
Trance Dance- Capitaro
Youthful Liner- papiyon
amplifer- Makyavelli
Route- Wonder-K
When the Hydrangeas Bloom, I Fall in Love With You- n.k
Dying Sun- DIVELA
DEDE- Gunyo
Principle Town- Yunosuke
Word Games- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
After Trick- S.A.S.U.L
Fickle Nature- Amenosuke
Ending Bell and Bookmark of Memory- Karato-P
Indigo Irony- Kashiko.
Spiritual Tryst- Hokentaiiku-P
Model Town (Acoustic)- Balloon
Full Power! Magical Voice!- GingaHoumen-P
Once You Hold Hands, It's Goodbye- Toa
Pinky-Promise and Love Song- Shimesaba Twister
Sakura Cut Overdrive- r0y
If the World Ends Tomorrow- Ric
Deepsea Amusement Park- Yono
Remember Music- Zenzenryokuryoku
Remember- Nejishiki
Ultramarine and Reality- Inoppi
Hydranget-Together- aquabug



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