Vocaloid Highlights: March 2015

Don't be fooled by me not subbing any: there are lots and lots of good Vocaloid songs.


Syllogism- zakooon
This Is Asphalt- Bt Maly
Absurdity Banquet- Pinocchio-P
Bright- Wonder-K
hu man life- ninigi
Fraulein Bibliotheca- nyanyannya
Mob-Side Story- Nijiiro Rakuda
Love Letter from Melancholy- Karasuya Sabou
Dark Night Dance- Potential0
Brain Synapse Mutiny- sizimi
Sugar Vine- Dixie Flatline
Spiral Flight- Omoi
Retort Irony- Suzumu
Puzzle Girl- Toa
All Together! Hooray!- Fuwari-P
Inugami Mansion Divine Possession Mystery- Teniwoha
You're Late, Prince!- YASUHIRO
Love Me If You Can- Umetora
The People Dance- Furu
That Girl's On the Railroad!!- TomatoMilk

Worth Your Time

Women's view- Okumyuu
Best Bud- Kimuta
The Path I Live- RUBY-CATMAN
Goodbye, Everybody- Powapowa-P
Barrier- Chiquewa
New Yamanote Merry Go Round (N428)- n.k
Love-Hell Paranoia- mint*
Magical P★p'n Days- Hota
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me- Kikuo
^ Video has quite a lot of flashing and otherwise eye-hurting stuff.
Laid Back- Solakurage
Searching for Something- pomi
This Is My Dream- Layla
Blight City- keisei
Not Just Yet.- Tata
SenaPort- Wataru Sena & Kinkyuyuru Port
ARiA- Yunosuke
Wind-Up Doll- Oa
Love Arrow Shot From Above- BiRD(s)
Awake- MarronBosatsu
Magnet- KTKT
Rainman's Old Umbrella- Maya (マヤ)
Graduate Memory- NORA
Yellow Baby- hinayukki
Moral Jelly- Ryo (了)
^ Image contains body horror. ...Though I can barely tell what some of it is even supposed to be.
My Like Transcends Love.- Yunosuke
XX9- AVTechNO!
Autumn Breeze Nocturne- Ciel-P
Blatant Runaway Princess- Utata-P
Bravissimo!!- Zasetsu-P
Nightmare etc.- Shinpee
Melodyne- Hawapo
Mental Good Luck Charm- Yuuyu
NEW WORLD- teaeye
Goodbye Smile- Nakanishi
What-If Chronicle- Pista
Ju-know Peacock- Saiona-P
Our Little BRAVE STORY- n.k
World Re-Trip- Waka
That Aggressive Fact- L-tone
Morte's Sneer Resounds Through Tenth Avenue- TaKU.K

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