Vocaloid Highlights: February 2015

Dan, dan, hayaku naru, dan dan hayaku naru, dandanhayakunarudndnhyknr...!!!


Revolutionary: Contagious King Disease- Suzumu
On the Eighth Day, Before the Rain Stops.- Suzumu
World of Paradox- yukkedoluce
Core- Pinocchio-P
Idol Notebook- anomimi
Goodbye Arpeggio- Nejishiki
Psychic Me- Ishifuro
Low-Altitude Flight- L-tone
Secret Male-Female Relationship- TOKOTOKO
Walpurgis Night- mokemoke
Cistus Albidus- Peperon-P
empty winter- Haruchin
Take Me!!- Yunosuke
Reconsideration- Ric
Theater Love Song- n-buna
Passport- Natsuki Aoya
Faster and Faster- 40mP
Start- Wataru Sena
Slow Starter- Task

Worth Your Time

Super Child- *Luna
Tomorrow is Shining- Sunday-P
Desire- No Name
chocolate box- dezzy
Yankee and Me ~Character Building Ain't Easy~- Usushio Shisuu
Cecilie- sele
Brainsgeist- Utata-P
From a 6.5-Tatami Gap- Powapowa-P
confeito- define
Awareness- CROSS
Monochrome Memories- An
Our Asterism- Sushi-P
Shutdown!- Usushio Shisuu
Insincere Smile- Kairiki Bear
lemon drops- adstlaxy
droop- Kino
Ice Princess ~Chains of Ice~- Aiwana-P
Singing Sky Train- Orangestar
Darling Doll- Zips
Asphalt Path of Spilled (Tears)- Fuji(141hP)
The Night's End- Nashimoto-P
Sakura Petals, Fluttering- Misumi
my best friends- Solakurage
Number-Game Quiz- Makura-P
Marginal way- Noak
Futon Rolling System- Ael
Refrain- Izure
Red Thread- Mikito-P
Re;birTh- Chirudo-P
Tag For One- Paru♪
Use Your Imagination- nonemu
I Don't Know Eternity- Hotaru Iwaizumi

Please Watch This Video

phantom sweetheart- beacons

Lastly, it's not Vocaloid, but people who like songs with synthesized singers will probably have some appreciation for Obey.

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