Vocaloid Highlights: January 2015

Current mood: Kiwis rapidly spinning up into space.


Raindrop Noise- 40mP
Ancient Tale- Death Ohagi
Chopin and the White Key of Ice- Mafumafu
Packet Hero- MARETU
Heart Mass- Camellia
Hate You- ninigi
And To You- Wonder-K
Peter's Crucifixion- jon-YAKITORY
El Dorado- Yunosuke
Terpsichore- Epoch
Wrequiem of Planned Harmony- ninigi
This Ridiculous, Wonderful World is for Me- n.k
Particle Party- lumo
Lonesomeness and the Heart Book- PIPPO
souvenir- L-tone
Fizz?- nuts rock
Alone Together in Darkness- Layla
Life of Goodbyes- Kashitaro Ito

Worth Your Time

Barrier- Orangestar
Life is Beautiful- moff
128kbps Coquettish Voice- zakooon
Metaphysica- LinkingNotes
Love Cafeteria- An
Right Turningirl- Harufuri
Lobelia's Recollection- Yuuyu
Swaying Blue- Misumi
No! This Song Sucks!- SLAVE V-V-R
Espresso- Layla
Petal- xxxxxxxxx
Sacrificial Lamb- Kon
Our Final Theorem- Jesus-P
Monster Grow- Utsu-P
SPIN- Kikuo
Sunset Paper Plane- Nijinoya
Little Little Sattelia- Musicadelik
The R- 23.exe
Gambler- Wantarou
I Know I Knew in My Heart- Nanahoshi
Uncertainty- After Cloud
Outset- otetsu
Impulse- Wataru Sena
Philosophical Jabberwock- nyanyannya
Conclusion Discord#- Moz
Humanity Five Minutes Ago Hypothesis- Suzumu
As If- Satsuki ga Tenkomori
Sea Is- Kikuo
state- otetsu
Alone on the Last Train- Fuji(141hP)
dress- Katsuki Uemura
The Destination of Falsehood- Merry Rabbit
Snow Fairy Story- 40mP
twilight of small planet- L75-3
---K- 傴|・ω・)

Galaco's Poetry Recital

Diary- Natsuki Aoya

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