Vocaloid Highlights: December 2014

You're telling me you use a regular clock to count down to January 1st? Please. Here, have this musiClock.

Club Majesty - nyanyannya
Love Talent - Toa
Welling Spring - PIPPO
^ Miku version. Gumi version here.
Nocturnal - ryuryu
Affection≪Carnation - Yairi
Ariadne - Kurousa
Heart Connect - Suzumu
Hana Ichimonme - Team Kamiuta
Connecting - halyosy
Mightily - Umetora
Imperfect Handling - Miyake
The Sky Beautifully Burns - whoo
musiClock - lumo
Desperate Hope's Comedic Tragedy - adstlaxy
Magic Hour - out of service
Puppeta - Ryo (了)
Thirteenth Apocalypse - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
First Color Returner - nyanyannya
Castle of Steel - Kisetsu-P
Alcove - Balloon
^ In the video, the screen rapidly flashes with blue and red between 2:13 and 2:46.

Worth Your Time
IF -Crymerai- - Nia
Goodbye at the Last Train - Shirumu
Scream - Layla
QT! 39 Cooking - Nejishiki
Moonlight Embellishment Girl - Rerulili
Taste / Modesty - Gunyo
SELFISH - muzzle-lab
Snowmotion - Chiaki Natsume
Cabbage Butterfly - Vice Chocolade
Sprinkle - Live-P
The Story After the Petals Fall - Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
17K - AVTechNO!
Aid - Layla
Melody of the White World - Katsuki Uemura
Stop! Don't Listen! - SLAVE V-V-R
Drink the Panacea - koyori
Unreal Apocalypse - Omoi
Clock - Lupo Ichinose
Murmurs of Time - momocashew
Paralleloop - Kounotori
Magic Garland - Materia
World Connect - Makyavelli
D.H.M.S.≠‰ - 23.exe
First of the Year - Ginsuke
Evening Snow - Sayolly
Magical Christmas - Yuugou-P
Liar Life - yuki
Anubis - Torero
Bomb Girl's Train of Thought - No.D
Dream Without a Radio Clock - Harumaki Gohan
Moonworld Voyage - YASUHIRO

Forwarding Course - sunzriver

Also, there's the wonderful Game Boy Vocaloid Medley No. 2, again by Salt. I won't spoil it, but I think you can probably guess my favorite part.

And last but not least, the ideal way to close out the year: The morning sun is always gonna rise again.

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