Vocaloid Highlights: November 2014

Why? Why? Even though we've broken up, why can't we go back to being three friends?

I dunno, but maybe there's some connection to there being an extra big Stand-Outs section this time.


Sixteenth Lonely Night- L-tone
Cosmic Lovers- Lunachu
Mood-Swing Boy No. 28- Shokubai Phantom Girl
Soul-Ring Sky- Tsukifumi
Daybreak and Fireflies- n-buna
Retired Red Train- Yuukisan
Your Adventure Log Has Vanished!- Jesus-P
Liar Waves- Kiiro
Good Kid Medicine- Pinocchio-P
Poltergeist- Hideko
Longing- BACK-ON
Homing Instinct -boy by the mile-- Nanahoshi
Harassment- 4o
Pickiness UFO- 4o
Empty Song- suniikar
Escape Fantasy- Mahiro's Side Gather
You vs. Me- Desire path
Ivy- redo
Nazareth Skyline- Joruzin
Bad loser- Chie

Worth Your Time

The Scattering- hinayukki
ZERO BLADE- Nejishiki
Hide and Seek- 19 -iku-
Plastic Girl- Yuugou-P
Brief Moon Thoughts- Hotaru Iwaizumi
That's a Fine Thing- Kurage-P
Love-cino- Junky
Star Crying- Tuko
Osaka Underground- out of survice
Future View Innocence- koyori
After-School Sweet Party- GingaHoumen-P
Yutori, the Strongest Generation- Zips
UFO- Kikuo
Listen to your heartbeat- Mucha
Navy Blue Graffiti- L-tone
Perverse Love Rock!- Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Past the Color of Goodbye- papiyon
Winter Rain- Task
Moon and Traveler- Ami
Sentimental Parade- Waka
The Season You Were There- Pibo
Hades- ATOLS
Non-Fiction Girlfriend- Junjiro Tanaka
Rooter's Song- DECO*27
Peter Pan Syndrome- buzzG
Last Scene- Capitaro
End Mind Penalty- Zankyou-P
Now I Like You.- HoneyWorks
Halloween Party- ely
Tear Recipe- Atom
Uncertain- Balloon
u- shr
xxx- Spacelectro
Overclock- Neru

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