Vocaloid Highlights: October 2014

Sorry for the delay, I was busy preparing myself for the upcoming onslaught of Christmas Vocaloid songs.


ECHO- Crusher-P
Cloudy Weather- Karap-P
Happy Halloween- Junky
Simpleism- nyanyannya
tig-hug- sasakure.UK
Take the Lost Boy's Hand- Man_boo
A Night's Dream- Sohta
Mental Phenomenon- Okayu
Social Net-Girl- zakooon
Dernie's Travelogue- PIPPO
Gazania for You- tilt
Sunday Southern Park- Ishifuro
Buster!- dezzy
Colorful Rain and Monochrome Memories- DIVELA
Garbage Hard Worker- Tohru-ch
Trusty- Shikemoku

Worth Your Time

Angelfish- Nem
Karthik Affection- Wantarou
Onomatopoeia Glasses- Nekobolo
Girl Dissolve- Sanatsubu
Bewitching Star Masquerade- mint*
Heart-Wall Saturation- Nejishiki
Lacking Pumpkin- Pinocchio-P
Ill-Natured Girls Online- Minus-P
DE-Pression- Nuyuri
Crescent Moon Promise- MarronBosatsu
Self-Binding Self- Morimoto HiroCt
Don't Put My Name in the End Credits- Mikito-P
406- Nishikawa
Goodbye- Circus-P
intermination- uz
Ghost Apartments- Natsuki Aoya
My Voices- teaeye
Summer Skyrider- Shokubai Phantom Girl
Caramel Heaven- Last Note.
Back-Alley Universe- papiyon
Throw- Nio
What Must You Think of the Changing Me?- aquabug
Do Cyber-Girls Dream of Being Divas?- Death Ohagi
Girlfriend in Blue- Karasuya Sabou
Liar- SnowNoise-P
'Cause- Pibo
Glass Art- Patirchev
Rock Candy Luminescence- itikura
The Moment I Started to Love You- 40mP
Little Demon Cosmetic- mint*
Chimera- ATOLS
Graffiti- Torero

In addition to the above lists being crammed with good stuff, there are several special mentions this month. First on the agenda is a highlight of highlights: Salt's Game Boy Vocaloid Medley No. 1. Self-explanatory.

I wasn't sure if Babu-chan's The First Song of the World's End quite "fit" with the rest of the highlights, but it's something special.

And then there's this PV of Furukawa-P's Piano Lesson by NamaKilo-P. Don't ask me to explain it.

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