Vocaloid Highlights: August 2014

Miku, it's your birthday. Happy birthday, Miku.

(It was another one of those months where there were so many songs that I got down to a selection that was more than what I usually shoot for, but I couldn't bear to remove any more.)

Cassiopeia - Sushi-P
Butterfly, Flower, and Spider - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
krylov - Soh Yoshioka
Interplanetary Communication - monaca:factory
How's It Coming Along! - Owata-P
Candy-Apple Fireworks and Soda Sea - Mafumafu
Desire Solute - Koganemushi
Sci-fi - Layla
Sky Sunflowers (Remix) - Nejishiki
Lovers' Onomatopoeia - koushirou
Eight-Bit Adventure - Ramune
The Milky Way Never Fades - mint*
Patrols of Tomorrow's Night Sky - Orangestar
Deepblue - Wonder-K
Adrift Girl - Waka
Dance Hall Doll - Okayu
With Unblurring Love - Mitchie M

Worth Your Time
Summer Dream Fireworks - A La Cr
Daybreak Wonder Resist - PolyphonicBranch
Prove - Tobi.
The Ugly Me in the Mirror - Nashimoto-P
Panzermast - 5key-z
You Must Be An Emerald - nexus
Dangerous Relations - Edgar Lovecraft
Theism⇒Exclamation! - Yairi
Literati's Love Letter - doriko
Steel and Flint in Her Head - PSGOZ
Golden Key - Madoka Kurosawa
Moon Lover - Yoshida
Casanova and Pure-Hearted - FAULHEIT
Sakura Dancing Fireworks - An
Vague Lust Lover - koyori
Killer Tune Overture - Shokubai Phantom Girl
Zombie Maker - ATOLS
blue back imagination - Sevencolors
Believe - Maki
The Miraculous Magic of 799 - Owata-P
Merrymaking!! - Chiaki Natsume
Saffron Palette - Kesumaru
Carry Me Off - 8Prince
8:22 and the Customary Mischief - Kon
Peek-A-Boo Dependency - Kairiki Bear
Vanilla Soda - Nanahoshi
Lost Science - lightspop
Me and Lies and Flowers - mifami
Music Music - Toa
Stardust Shortcake - TESTMAN
Snow and Sakura - Sugasefu
Zombie Discotheque - Death Ohagi
The Girl Travels - Balloon
Cosmic☆Fantasy - Fuwari-P
Solesta! - Clean Tears

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