Vocaloid Highlights: July 2014

We celebrate July with a customary explosion of Vocaloid songs.


Mechanical Voice Detective Milly- Eisia
Dream- H ZETT M
Hourglass- kasochiDM
Dependency Fritter- koyori
Max-Speed Concerto- Omoi
I Am Skeleton- Picon
Spark-Voiced Proclamation- YM
Wonder-Go-Round- imis!n
Gooper Star- monaca:factory
drop pop candy- Giga
Space- Deme
Anti-Gravities- sasakure.UK
Miracle*Indication- Yairi
Playing with Garbage- Ananii
Catnip- Wantarou

Worth Your Time

Bloody Gravity- Nejishiki
Friday's Good Morning- HoneyWorks
Stardust Asterism- Waka
HUBRIS Self Burning- Kyouinu
Raise- n-buna
Outlaw's Heartbreak- Zips
Water Tank Ghost- Tezuka
○○○○○- Yairi
Ātman Zoo- Saiona-P
on the rocks- OSTER project
Un Deux Trois- Ponyo-P
So Long, Golden Season- redo
Dignity-Culled Utopia- Anyaho
Last Light- Harumaki Gohan
Pre-Established Harmony Quest- Yucha
Love x Love Whistle- PolyphonicBranch
21st Century Curiosity of Oblivion- napoliemon
Where is Shinohara Izumi?- Karap-P
Tears Fall in Space- Peperon-P
In Regard to Poisson d'Avril- Mer
July Calendar- Natsuki Aoya
Sailor Suit War- Becky.
Kyoto Candy Store War- Mikito-P
Nicola Tesla's Antagonism- 666
more shiny- no-ix
God Sign- Kiiro
Positive Thinking- Noboru↑
Queen of Hearts- Royal Scandal
Shrine Visit- MogumoguPotechi
Ironic Metaphor- papiyon
The World's Falling in Love- HoneyWorks
You and Marine Blue- Jiro Hirai
Ballerico- Mikito-P
Life is Short, So Love, Maiden!- Kurowi
Love is Onomatopoeia- Pinocchio-P
Alphard- Suzuki-P

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