Vocaloid Highlights: May 2014

You may want to take it easy while listening to all these amazing songs.


Net Tir Na Nog- lumo
Mutinous Intention- Kiiro
Samurai Soul- Team Kamiuta
Thoughts on the Function of the Unexplored Heart Organ- adstlaxy
Restrained Confused Girl- otetsu
BFF Revengers- Nejishiki
Empress Disco- nyanyannya
Cyber-Addiction Girl- zakooon
Shinjuku Sick- Task
Wanna Die-Anne- Switch
Sloww Mootion- Pinocchio-P
Mayoiga Mystery- Teniwoha
Love Doll- DECO*27
Accomplice- Karasuya Sabou

Worth Your Time

After you- Noname
Neverland Daydream- mint*
In the Middle- ryuryu
Sentimental Attachment- Chiaki Natsume
Theoretical Romance Outline- PolyphonicBranch
Deus Ex Machina- Buriru
Wanna Be Normal- Natsuki Aoya
Goodbye Heaven- mayuko
Happiness's Form- Hikage
Magical Candy- Waka
Vow- Reset
Nonsense- Okayu
Play- shr
Three-Count- Ayaha
Ghost Supplement Chapter 2 -Side-Effect-- FantasticPlanets
Smile at My Comment- Takkyuu Shounen
Bellflower Tears- out of survice
Daphne- Namu
Shocking Flanger- Natsuki Aoya
Incandescent Lamp and Distorted Line- papiyon
Shutter Chance- Mikito-P
Summer Breakfast- Aino
Inner Arts- Jin
Unclear Reversi- tilt
Derived Function Paradigm- Saiona-P
Waiting in 23XX AD- U-ske
bloom- aquabug
Don't Go, Don't Go- Jitabata-P
Sunday- Ginsuke
Border of Lies and Truth- Hiiro

Vocaloid Instrumental

assembly - techno mix -- StaffRollP

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