Vocaloid Highlights: April 2014

Wow, this month had so many songs from that one guy... What was their name? Pinata Denkou? Hinata Denwa?*

Persecution Complex Phone Girl (LOL) - Giga
Unbelievable Memories ~The Assault of Haisai Gramma~ - 150P
The Veil of Darkness Falls - Balloon
A Magic Story With You - yukkedoluce
My Friend Was Good At Drawing - Pinocchio-P
Blessing - halyosy
Party x Party - Hitoshizuku x Yamaâ–³
Doodle Picasso - 40mP
Rainbow Steps - An
Face-Book Indulgence Girl - Lefty Monster
Plane Theory - niki
Together With You - Balloon
Ambivalence - Koganemushi
Milk Crown On Sonechka - Yuzy
Stopped Still - Wataru Sena

Worth Your Time
TypeWriter - hario
Project Insider - Hikage Denkou (nelo)
No. 18's Blue-Gene - MOSAIC.TUNE
Magic Chord - Heli-P
Introvert - Clean Tears
The Fantasy World and Toy Heart - Mafumafu
Lap Tap Love - koyori
Forgetful Literacy - An
Torn and Worn Ground - Hinata Shinkou (Koshou)
Electro Candy - Yuugou-P
Dark Side of the Moon - Nejishiki
Vocaloholic - Yuyoyuppe
Dusk Hideout - Wantarou
Dream Demon - Diarays
Evisceration - Hiiro
Sick - yksb
Inside-Out Heart - Zips
Psyche and Flow - monaca:factory
Detention Teacher - HoneyWorks
Night's Dream Come True - Diarays
Isolation Ward - Zankyou-P
Twilight Ticket - Ramune
second spring storm - Spacelectro
Ultra Planet - koyori
Delusion〆Question - Yairi
Emblem of Time - Iwanata Denkou (Shichou-P)
Going My Way! - 40mP
Heart Chrome - 8Prince
Anti-Beat - DECO*27
Looking Back, Sepia Colors - sirius.

(* No, the real Hinata Denkou did not make any new songs this month. Numerous people stepped up to make similar-sounding songs with similar-looking names. So I noted the authors' real names in parentheses.)

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