Vocaloid Highlights: February 2014

No, seriously, you don't have to cram so many good songs into February because it's shorter. It's okay, guys.

...Well, of course, lots of good songs is okay too. But it means I have more to PURGE!!!.


Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic- Mitchie M
At the Gods' Will- Rerulili
Red Purge!!!- P.I.N.A.
Void and Truth- Morimoto HiroCt
The Music Wizard of Oz- OSTER project
Love-Like Peaking- koyori
Wailing Trigger- PolyphonicBranch
Forgetfull of Myself- Karap-P
Command Moscow- Furu
Clone Arche- Namitsumi
Light A Candle- ryuryu
Rubbish Innocence- Last Note.
Sea Lily's Ocean-Bottom Tale- n-buna

Worth Your Time

Late Night Sucre- monaca:factory & k_zero+A
Sincere Fake-Sweet Drastic Measures- Suzumu
call me!!- L-tone
Heartflutter☆Happiness Days- sizimi
TFQ- lumo
Branch Protector- hinayukki
Handmade- yksb
Song of Hope- RUBY-CATMAN
The Blind Girl and the Boy's Song- Ari-Dai
Moment- Shinpee
City Planning- Natsuki Aoya
Outside World Shut-Out- Cyber Pomelo Laboratory
Rain Cinema- kouki
Stickybug- DECO*27
Consequently, You 'n' Me- 4o
Confession Rival Declaration- HoneyWorks
Heart-Hurt Monochrome- 40mP
Beats of Silence- sele
Trash Pops- Kiiro
Blue Sky Distrust- Katokku
A Book Full of Faces- Nejishiki
scapecoat- HanaSoumen-P
hey- Powapowa-P
How to Count Rabbits- Satsuki ga Tenkomori
Left-Right Sympathy- 40mP
1DK Cosmo- Task
Doppel Dispute- Minus-P
Scarlett & Mercury- K-Dash
Bystander in the Classroom- Wantarou
Yume Nikki- Hato

Gorgeous Big Dialogue

Gorgeous Big Dialogue- Pinocchio-P & Utsu-P

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