Vocaloid Highlights: January 2014

You can't just ELECT a new Vocaloid princess! I'll have you - oh, you're not doing that? Well, good.


ELECT- niki
Forty-Seven- Mikito-P
Promised Place- hinayukki
Escape Game Dependence- Kimuta
Seasonal Feathers- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Sakura on the Water, Dreaming an Inversion- otetsu
Snow Drive (01.23)- Omoi
BLUE- Kanata Labo
Gray People- Karap-P
We Have Our Own Lives- Pinocchio-P
Close to you- niki
Sleeping Together- 164
Unac123ed 4- YM
Psychic Girl A-Go-Go- sunaP
Time Distortion- Akagami

Worth Your Time

NNSS- Okayu
The Color of Shaved Ice- nakano4
GhostLove- emon(Tes.)
Weather Boy- Mushi-P
Chatnoir the Cat Burglar- yukkedoluce
Bobbing, Splashing- 40mP
Following the Call of the Wind- Man_boo
Plastic Voice- tilt
Tag- Gendaga
Time Mashin- Onyuu
Dress and Straw Hat- 816(1990)
Edge of Life- muhmue
Wonder Noise- KTKT
You-Colored Archives- Nejishiki
Unplugged- KAZKUN
Love Me- Pibo
straggling- ROMO
Comical Clown Passion- Anyaho
I'm Happy Girl- Kagome-P
Wavering- OtoCafe
Purifying Font Rhapsody- Yogarasu-P
Yuma's Loss of Eyesight- Diarays
The Great Tokyo City Crap-Game Project- u-z
see you next time!- L-tone
A Certain Evasive- Karasuya Sabou
Azure Helix- Nejishiki
Fairy Tale of Eternal Slumber- Mafumafu
Unreasonable- Akizuki Minato
Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC- cosMo
One Person, One Night- mayuko
Monopoisoner- DECO*27
Tokyo Station- Mikito-P

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