Vocaloid Highlights: December 2013

Christmas lights may be going down (well, maybe, eventually), but the Vocaloid lights are still high.

Lachenalia Sprout - Mezame-P
Once You Want to Sing Again. - HoneyWorks
Adam - ATOLS
Mononoke Mystery - Teniwoha
Sleep Walker - Maya (マヤ)
So the Magic Won't Wear Off - Hideki Nabeyama
Pandemic - Yuugou-P
St-aring Down - EZFG
Fly to night, tonight - Camellia
Morning, World - daniwell
Aqualab Circulation Boy - Machisu
Girl Eraser - MARETU
Major Cleanup - DECO*27
Flame Heart - Death Ohagi
Les Fleurs Du Mal - -K-

Worth Your Time
Festival and Septuplets - Madoka Kurosawa
Rotten Capital - otetsu
Dougensaka Party Rock - Kagome-P
Clowns in Transistor Region - MOSAIC.TUNE
Mind-Collapse Syndrome - Koganemushi
tractrix - Soh Yoshioka
Exaggerating All Day - Balloon
P0lk4d07 Al13n - Machigerita
Dystopia Rock Hero - cosMo
Sweetification 100% - Lamaze-P
Fantasy God ver. A - KTKT
Dancin' Ghost Storiez - Yuuyu
To i hola - daniwell
Hide and Secret - dear
Justitia - Daisuke-P
An Illness Called Lovesick - HoneyWorks
Paper-Thin Life Strategy - Zips
Endless Christmas Lights - take_coke
Super Kitty World - Mafumafu
Sea of Trees Syndrome - Mizunashi
Even if Color is Lost - syuuzou
White Snow Falling - OSTER project
Corvo - Matica
Crying Woman - Mune
A Ditch-Exploring Pair - Kyouinu
Ruined Country Nemesis - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
White-Bearded Old Man - PIROPARU
Cynical Blue Never Sleeps - Nanahoshi
Anti-Mirror Barrier Seed (SQUARE03) - Yuuyu
The Husking of No. 13 - Miyake
Wish on the Snow - Scop
Turner of Time - MazoP

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