Vocaloid Highlights: October 2013

I seek Vocaloid songs to fill this hole in my heart! It's like the hole in some kind of round baked good...

...Oh yeah, baumkuchen!


QFT- lumo
Up, Up and Again- Mitchie M
Culture Bloom Girl- Yuzuhiko
Giga Scribble Witch- Madoka Kurosawa
Love Words II- DECO*27
Don't You Go- Sohta
My World Revolution- Karap-P
Bye-Bye, Unclear Sound- Kino
Shabadiba- Fuwari-P
Cyberbrain Crazed Love Girl- Kairiki Bear
Payapaya the Angel- Man_boo
Vigilantly- Umetora
Setsuna Drive- 9mm Parabellum Bullet
Here and There- dateken
Donut Hole- Hachi

Worth Your Time

Requiem of Miracles- Wataame
Shopping Mall- Flying Giraffe
Justitia of Life- Neru
Stop/Motion- Nishijima Sondai
Recommendation for Rain- Balloon
the 17th Dive- Alma-gemea
Night-Ride Sidewinder- Kue
Your Scars- Lupo Ichinose
December Dusk- La+
Title Undecided- YM
Blue Wish- Leggysalad
Heartful Message- 19 -iku-
Girl A- Powapowa-P
Spinning Around- ROROPia
9 PM- Billiard-P
The Liar Peter Pan- Suzumu
Artificial Flower Distance- mao sasagawa
Today, In Two Days, Anytime- Daiki Ogawa
Tomorrow Be Sunny- EIKI'
Do Androids Fancy Sugary Sweets?- AesoP
Cherophobia- Zankyou-P
I Hear A Concerto- apfel
Ugly-Face Documentary- Takkyuu Shounen
Sweet Sanatorium- Aino
Jiang Shi Jiang Shi- Paru♪
Embarrassment-Hiding Adolescence- HoneyWorks
October Impatience- Hiiro
Light Blue Construction- Kesumaru
You, the Moon, and the Osmanthuses- Nejishiki
Bonfire of Hallow's Eve- mayuko
Zombie Zombie Generation- Kimuta

'Tis the Season to be Spooky

Night of the Buried Sound- dear

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