Vocaloid Highlights: September 2013

My Vocaloid, highlights of you remain here still...

World Catalog - millstones
Summer Time Record - Jin
I Can't (Mar)read the Situation - cosMo
The World's Lifespan and Final Day - Suzumu
Daydream Tax - DECO*27
Sink in Chloride - millstones
It's Sudden, But We Became Idols - Yucha
Moon-Light - Mikito-P
Zombie Famille - Machisu
An Ideal Day for Disappearance - Death Ohagi
Brain Revolution Girl - MARETU
Ripen, Fruitless Flower - Furu
The Boy and the Magic Robot - 40mP
It's A Whole World - Soichi
Dingdong!! - Powapowa-P

Worth Your Time
Summer Night Fantasia - TakaP
ALCANO - Patirchev
After That, - Kurage-P
Knight of Letrel - OSTER project
M'AIDER Disaster Girl - out of service
Reaper Dance - jon-YAKITORY
MOSAIC - Powapowa-P
Missile Killer - TadanoCo
Apparition Blaze - kiichi
Lying Down in the Middle of Tokyo - 40mP
Love Consultation - DekirebaYoi-P
Double-Suicide Harlot - Oto to Hikari
Demon's Jewel Box - Kimuta
A Poem of Kindling Hope - Onyuu
Preset - ATOLS
True Emotion Deficit - Zips
Spark Girl Syndrome - Hinata Denkou
First Goodbye - HoneyWorks
K.L.M. - Ramune
Long Distance - Solakurage
Tomorrow and Trails - KTKT
Put Your Dreams On Technology - Kikuo
Ire's Accidental Situation - 666
Luna Virus+ - Nia
First Love Wild Anomalocaris - sunaP
Prodigy's Grief - buzzG
Usopp - Powapowa-P
Cold innocence - ViA Factory
Super Love Feeling!! - Sutori & OSTER project
Lying Wolf - Chie

Just Watch It
Rat Died (new words) - P.I.N.A.

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