Vocaloid Highlights: August 2013

Sorry I'm late, but as you can probably guess, I was busy today. Yes, it should be obvious what I'm talking about. It was those dancing corpses.

Conjurer of Love - koyori
Junk - Tom
Earphone Cosmos - itikura
Chameleon Love - PolyphonicBranch
Sunset Yesterday - Jin
One Two Hello - Ishifuro
All-Night Japanesque - Death Ohagi
Speed Star Scorpio - takamatt
Paranoid - niki
What Children Are Made Of - Pinocchio-P
Copycat Psychotropic - Kairiki Bear
Holy Spear Explosion Boy - Rerulili
Corpse Dance - Kikuo
Outer Science - Jin

Worth Your Time
Memories in the Mirror - Asa
Sunrise and Fantasia - Leggysalad
TФЯMЗИT - nyanyannya
Mighty Sprint Boy Meets Girl - sunaP
The Dimension-Leaping Shampoo Hat - Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Food Chain - otetsu
Imagined Swimming - Satana
Sternenhimmels - Kagome-P
Flight Instinct - Last Note.
Bookmark of Demise - Suzumu
Last Stop - cosMo
Globe Amaranth - KTKT
Pandemic Cleaning - note
Sunny, Then at Mary Jane - HarryP
Apricot Deadbeatgirl - Ushirometasa-P
Flight on the Night Line - Yuuya
Heaven-Descended Vainglory - sikisai
The Worst Person - Nashimoto-P
Dice Pips - Nanahoshi
Summer Sky Under Your Umbrella - utml
Meteorite Satellite - out of service
Mare's Education - Diarays
Word Select - P-MAN
Steal a Mummy, Become a Corpse - Maya (マヤ)
Lonely Liar Tanuki - renybox
Transparent Paintbrush - Kisetsu-P
Lucid Dream in Geosynchronous Orbit - itikura
Colorful 88 - marasy
Innocence Pandemic - Edgar Lovecraft
Trifling Starmine - stella
Extraordinary Snow - shr
On the World's Most Beautiful Morning - Karasuya Sabou

Hey, Try It
Awa Dance - ATOLS
Secret Beat - ARuFa

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