Vocaloid Highlights: June 2013

Just what is Vocaloid Highlights, besides the time that your ears melt into a pile of fuzzy yellow puppy fluff?


Patchwork Eden- sasakure.UK
endless symphony- Travolta
Eternally- Umetora
A God Getting A Little Popular- HoneyWorks
Raspberry Monster- HoneyWorks
Totetatetoteta!- daniwell
Human Equation- Ramune
Soul-Distortion Terrorism- Zips
Tokyo Retro- Scop
Long Rain- KTKT
Neoteny Love- Shokubai Phantom Girl
Steel Bird- Kisetsu-P
Battle of Wits- kasochiDM
Lone- hinayukki
Fall of Icarus- itikura
Ecstacy Vivace- Last Note.

Worth Your Time

Account of a Dream.- JIS
Whereabouts Unknown- Kojiro
You and Me, the Spinning World.- 19 -iku-
cream (sweet)- mayuko
Goodbye Wondernoise- n-buna
Art of the Banquet- Furu
Alkali Adult- 4o
Grief Rain Cafeteria- Asa
The Belligerent Land of Lovesword- Agoimouto-P
Rain Magic- shimehebi
Cicada Shell- Shikemoku
Katekote Keeper- Maya (マヤ)
Regards to Yotsuya- Eight
What Doesn't Matter Now- Karap-P
Pleasant Avant-Garde- Hide
Everyday Halloween- Yuugou-P
A Cat in Love Won't Be Beat!- Faye-P
Picturesque Sky- KTKT
World on Color- koyori
Mischievous Ninja Arts- Ramune
Pomegranate- Tom
Self-Love Affirmation- Chie
cream (black)- mayuko
Clockwise Turn- Nuyuri
flower of sorrow- OSTER project
Fox's Wedding- Masa
Fastidious K Anti-Poison Grimoire- kiichi
Red-White Spider Lily's Song- Nem
Futon Diver- PIROPARU
My Wonderland- Zukio


Hundred-Song Profusion- Zasetsu-P

It's technically a July song and I'll likely include it next month, but Babu-chan's The Child's Happiness very much fits under "UM." as well.

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