Vocaloid Highlights: May 2013

Nice to meet you! I am the highLIEter, vghime! :>


Twee Box Puppet Show- sasakure.UK
Paranoia- Takashi
21H'z LieDEO- vataco
The Defeated Youth- kemu
Light My Heart Aflame- Nanahoshi
Bug Haizi- 606
HΨ=World Creation=EΨ- cosMo
FREEDMAN- Nanahoshi
Meeting's End- YM
jewel- Umetora
Anguishedly- KTKT
Night Walker- Ramune
Secret- Mafumafu
Tokio Funka- takamatt
Noise Canceller- Rerere-P

Worth Your Time

Mayday!- Ayalis
Boys and Girls Perestroika- Waka
≪CONTINUE?≫- L-tone
Water-Reflection Distortion- PolyphonicBranch
Idola Circus- Neru
Step Forward- Chesa
Last Signal- ATOLS
Personal Armaments- Karap-P
The Gate Between Us- shr
Gizmo- uguis08
Your Talent- Touhuya
Allgather- Soh Yoshioka
Rainy Day- KTKT
High-Stoic⇔ν-age.- utml
Singason- Rerulili
Red Dead Girls- MARUDARUMA
Red-Light Modernism- Minus-P
Chilledren- Madoka Kurosawa
I Kissed Hatsune Miku- Mikito-P
Super Rinraged Mode- Paru♪
Metropolitan Drop Mariage- Pista
Notice My Heart- Lamaze-P
Rainy Sakura- Momomomo
Clumsy Utopia Plan- Suzumu
Saw the Moon- Sohta
Persona Noise- miro
Let's Drop By the Convenience Store- Ishifuro
The Shipping Entertainment- Kyouinu
Nx?- L-tone
at home- Nekomushi

Three other videos of note:

EZFG did a remix of Threadnation, Cyber Thunder Cider style. (Who could have guessed he was the one who made Threadnation?!)

Giga made Mikito-P's Yie Ar Fan Club way better.

And Takashi Yamamoto made... something very unique called Charumela Blues.

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