Vocaloid Highlights: March 2013

Time marches on, and also there are lots of good Vocaloid songs.


Chiyoko Kubozono's Entry Into 3-C No. 14- Powapowa-P
Lost One's Wailing- Neru
How To Dominate the World- Neru
Tin Dance- Hinata Denkou
Silver Fluff- Mezame-P
I Could Die of Sadness- 100-kai Outo
Girls' Hell- Wataru-P
Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!- Jesus-P
Marvels of the East- Nakajima
You're a Useless Kid- Kikuo
Kunoichi Want Love Too- Mikito-P
Lazy Crazy- Yucha
Reincarnation- kemu
Charming Satellite- tilt
Secret Wings- ODOROOM
Lost Time Memory- Jin

Worth Your Time

Amber Wind- Rerulili
Elsa-Maria- sele
Industrial Waste Listening- Tsubasa-san
Afterglow- JimmyThumb-P
Perfect Plan- shr
Delinquent Boy, Delinquent Girl- Tohma
Changing Seasons- xi-on
Pure Herbivore- Becky.
Life Montager- PIROPARU
The Flower-Watcher- shr
Lyra of a Certain Land- utml
The Way of the Heart- Yuzuhiko
The Stylish Burglar and Colored Glasses- Pista
Jealousy's Answer- HoneyWorks
Blue Sky, Spring Sight- sasakure.UK & DECO*27
Self-Harming Girl- PolyphonicBranch
Iris Orchestra- Aino
Rule of Underdog Supremacy- 150P
Waltz for Yume Nikki- Machigerita
Being A Person- imosuke
Lethargic Coup d'etat- Last Note.
Awakened Love Survivor- sunaP
4 AM Monologues- yksb
RGS- Satana
Bouquet for an Unborn Life- CapsLack
Topsy-Turvy Syndrome- 19 -iku-
Sakura- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Sterile!- Potential0
Stand Alone- FAULHEIT
Languid Foreword- 100-kai Outo

Hey, you. Yeah. Stop It.

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