Vocaloid Highlights: February 2013

Vocaloid!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

My computer died two days ago, and while I got to a new one pretty quick, my backup process had apparently been slacking for the past week or two with regard to Vocaloid songs. But I don't think I lost track of any in the process because SERIOUSLY LOOK AT ALL THESE.

Coin Locker Baby - MARETU
Robber Night Trick - Yucha
Tourmaline Imitating Chocolatier - Yuzuhiko
Witching Drops - Teniwoha
Puppy Love Song - corosuke
Twilight ∞ nighT - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Night Tales Deceive - Jin
Purity Skirt - 40mP
Transparent Elegy - n-buna
Sulking Love Song - Rerere-P
Mr. Deja Vu - 164
So Long Then - Sohta
Snow Day and Love Song - HarryP
Spectral Tune - Yuugou-P
The Witch of Legend - Travolta

Worth Your Time
Creator's Real - TakaP
Song for the Courtesan - Halulu
Liberio - imis!n
The First Star of Ursa Minor - Waka
The Failing College Student - Sousai
Who's Afraid of the Wolf! - OSTER project
Contemplative Spiral Whirlds - Kiseri
Dreams and Demons - KTKT
Cloud Rider - Hayato Tanaka
America - Jin
Nyx Kroth - Melazoma-P
Transientastrophe - Chuutoro-P
Scrambled Eggs Girl - out of service
Hocus Pocus Cooking - Machigerita
Restart - Owata-P
When the Golden Leaves Dance - hinayukki
Honeymoon Un Deux Trois - dateken
CHAIR FOR TWO - Patirchev
I Accomplished Nothing Today - Usushio Shisuu
One-Eyed Xecutor - N.P.L. Project
A Modest Unhappiness - Karap-P
gimme - whoo
Funny-Facer - Pinocchio-P
Oeoeo - Nashimoto-P
Patchwork and Logical - ShiroKuro
Last Snow - FALL
Black Rose - Nanaki
Monochromatic World - Kisetsu-P
Take a Step - Enban-P
Reincarnation Rebirth Unlimited - MxRxI
You Are Mine! - muhmue

Two special mentions this month: Giga covering my favorite old Vocaloid song and... well, Distilled Music. (by ARuFa)

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