Vocaloid Highlights: December 2012

December is, of course, best known as a month of many Vocaloids being released. So obviously there are a gazillion good songs in celebration. Many sacrifices were made, and to take any one of these songs off the list would be a TRAVESTY. In one way or another.


Lies and Stuffed Toys- Dixie Flatline
Star Bright- papiyon
ELLIE- sele
GLIDE- niki
Shutdown- Waka
Gigantic O.T.N- Giga
Early-Leaving Negative Heaven- Yuuyu
Outright Lie- Nuyuri
Snow Song Show- sasakure.UK & DECO*27
Blooming the Idol- Mitchie M
Juvenile- ryuryu
An Aeioudiot's Deeds Are Uncertain- Shomi
Love Logic- daniwell
Rockbell- HoneyWorks
Hello Laughter- Last Note.
Do You & So You (Whatzit & Thatzit)- Kuchibashi-P

Worth Your Time

After-School Stride- Last Note.
E[l]ect(ro)box- emon(Tes.)
Setagaya Night Safari- Mikito-P
ArLiONaEuONeCHeRaISnTiMgAlSn- Deadball-P
Our Controller- Satana
Liberalism in Action- L-tone
Customizer Morality- L-tone
Fluorescent Paint- MISTRAY
Little Garden for Two- L-tone
Open Air Theatre- whoo
Moonlight Voyage- HarryP
Reboot- JimmyThumb-P
Shoot the Aliens!!- Zukio
Rainbow Utopia- Kimuta
Mysophobia- Scop
discrete pulse- Soh Yoshioka
Happy Life Carnival- dezzy
Synchonicity 3 - Requiem of the Circling World- Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Orange- Tohma
Winter Happy Night- Clean Tears
White Night- nakano4
Nostalgia- Junky
Christmas Extermination Supreme Resistance- Chuutoro-P
Andante- Dixie Flatline
Goodbye Little Friends- kk2
S- shr
m/es- Pinocchio-P
Circle of friends- Yuuto
Serenity Cataclysm- Zips
Destroy March- Ohka

Thirteen Miko Minutes

The Me Inside Me- Chie

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