Vocaloid Highlights: November 2012

You got the Vocaloid Highlights! Now, you can see where the best songs on NicoNico are hidden! This edition of Vocaloid Highlights has a new feature - hovering over the song names will show the author. What, you mean Vocaloids don't write their own songs?!

Palette Full of You - Powapowa-P
World Calling - Jin
Immoral Actress - Yucha
Reincarnation Ascensation - Kikuo
Lies and Formulas - Satana
Whimsy 2 - Umetora
The Transient Apple Salesgirl - yukkedoluce
ReaLizer - Hidarigawa Slash
Human Value - Xenon/Kimagure-P
Weaseling - KTKT
Our Beginning - Fuwari-P
Curry Rice and Fukujinzuke - Oichan
One Who Fights - Umetora
Loner Envy - koyori

Worth Your Time
From a Sky Like Blackened Eyebrows - Owata-P
My Life - Ebot
Azalea's Ghost - Tohma
Lonely Music Box - inary
Mikusienne in Love - nonno
In Such a Beautiful World - sa3sa3
The First Train at 6 AM - nexus
Evening Rain Ribbon - Mikito-P
Dilemma of Tastes. - Tom
Eternal Milky Way - Mofu@
Konohana Sakuya - maya
December 32nd ß - KTKT
Love Letter to a Fictional Girl - marasy
Little Chrysalis in a Cocoon - otetsu
Changes - yuxuki waga
The Falling Ghost Laughed - Okayu
The Princess and Butler's Adventure - Ann-Melts-P
Fallout - yusukeP
Monster Danger Girl - Kasane
Roynelia - Zankyou-P
Noose-Hanger Girl - Ugokasu-Chikara-P
Logic of Submission - Shikemoku
GraveKeeper - Kino
Ringossip - Shikemoku
Magic Mirror - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
The Jack of All Trades You Can't See - NingenDock
Healthy Life - TOKOTOKO
Midnight Grin - Nanahoshi
Star-Reading End Lover - Asa

The Special Difference
Today, I Met Someone Giving Up Singing. - Makoneko
Tears of an Artificial Eye - Babu-chan
Gone Loopy! - ceres

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