Vocaloid Highlights: September 2012


The hard part this time wasn't so much narrowing down the good songs as it was picking which ones were the best. Obviously, to ensure I didn't mistakenly leave a really good song out of Stand-Outs, you should just listen to all of them.

Bare Earth Travel - Hinata Denkou
Straying Rhapsody - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Object of Affection - Mikuzu
Moon-Viewing Rabbit - papiyon
Unknown Weed - T-POCKET
Song of the Demon Azami - Yuu Miyashita
WAVE - niki
Thanks, Screw-Bolt - YM
Lonely Child - otetsu
Tokyo Cyber Detectives - PolyphonicBranch
Toluthin Antenna - Retasu-P
The Way A Lady Dresses - Sudachi
Bamboo Cutter Overnight Sensation - HoneyWorks
The Bookworm Girl Insane - Karasuya Sabou

Worth Your Time
Dream Elegy - Karap-P
Shrine Maiden of the Star God - oz
Orange Genome - Tsunamaru
Mother-of-Pearl Bone - Babu-chan
silent forest - river
Kowloon Retro - Tohma
Weapons of Love - otetsu
Love of the Camellia Princess - PolyphonicBranch
Summer Girl - BIRUGE
Imaginary Capability - Melazoma-P
Twilight Cicada Diary - Mafumafu
Confetti Tour - tom"U"
Svartalfheim - Deadball-P
Patchwork City Protocol - millstones
Dragon Rising - takamatt
Singing Traveling Raven - Capitaro
So-Si-La Recorder - Shokubai Phantom Girl
Meteor Swarm - Camellia
Träumeline - miro
Phantom Thief P-P-P-P-Panther! - Waka
She Met A Dragon - Ishifuro
MUGIC - Rerulili
Deep-Sea Diver - muhmue
Words ≧ Imitation - Yairi
Lo-Fi Boy - Ishifuro
Bye-Bye, God! - Tonkatsu
Quantum Entanglement - Camellia
Holding An Unplayed Guitar. - Nekobolo

========== vghime's PV Corner ==========
A good PV for a good, largely-ignored song: Fushimatsu's Little Sound Dial.

After four songs of being oddly reminiscent of wowaka, Hinata Denkou passively inherited one more wowaka tradition: getting awesome unofficial PVs made for him. (Source: Avogado6's Plastic Cage PV)

Lastly, Sunafuki's PV for Risshuu's Gut-Wrench (AKA "Uni," but in the weird onomatopoeia sense rather than "sea urchin") has achieved maximum cute.

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