Vocaloid Highlights: August 2012

Five years and Ievan Polkkas ago, Crypton Future Media brought forth on this internet a new Vocaloid, conceived in anime, and dedicated to the proposition that some people just can't sing.

Now we are engaged in entirely too many songs to sift through.


Wind-Up God- kemu
Promise- Yuki Nishijima
Kinetic Favoritism Club- PolyphonicBranch
Summer Idol- OSTER project
Dead Line Circus- Last Note.
A Cat Youkai's Love Story- Nem
Plastic Cage- Hinata Denkou
Yie Ar Fan Club- Mikito-P
ODDS & ENDS- ryo (supercell)
Summer's End, Love's Beginning- Scop
The Spiriting Away at Rainbow Apartments- Shokubai Phantom Girl
Sighing Dance- Satana
premature beat- Badoukin
Masked bitcH- Giga
August Wind- 40mP

Worth Your Time

9ravity- Shomi
Three-Piece Hollow- DJ GENMAI
Travel to the Moon- vilP
Compress Everything- ARuFa
Childish Happy Life- Kimuta
Corrosion Haematophilia- LOLI.COM
Macaron- ATOLS
Heaven's Soda Art- REO
Go Whirling with the World- Zoukin
Rugelda- KulfiQ
Heavenly Kitsune- marasy
Recurring Dream Drops- koyori
Squall- Ayaha
Gerbera Daisy- Tom
Dancing Wildly- Umetora
Rain and Wolf- 3396
Sky of Beginning- Jin
Dream Reading- Iyaiya-P
A New Continuation- Fuwari-P
Learning Effective Living from Cavepeople- Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Raincoat Boy- Deadball-P
Bye-Bye Player- Yamikuro
The Hollow Sheep and Under x Wonderland- Akaao
Scapegoat Amplifier- Re:nG
Thank Me!- U-ji
Evening Fireworks- Junky


Sadistic.Music∞Factory- cosMo

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