Vocaloid Highlights: July 2012

Only one month until Vocaloid Critical Mass! Until then... Vocaloid Event Horizon?

Cat Burglars Peter & Jenny - Nem
Mind Speaker - PolyphonicBranch
39 (San-kyuu) - DECO*27
Time and Limit - Hidarigawa Slash
Emotion Classic - Atekosuri
Botanical Garden - Moyoyo Miyazawa
Goodbye 8-Bit - Scotch
Crazy∞nighT - Hitoshizuku x Yama△
Birthday Song for Miku - Mitchie M
Not Gonna Dump Me - Dixie Flatline
Children Record - Jin
Home Sweet Home - 36g
Thinner Girl - Umbilical244
Fantasy Generator - PolyphonicBranch
At the Whim of Dreams - Powapowa-P

Worth Your Time
because the sky is - Vocaliod-P
The Leap From Zero to Infinity - cosMo
But Still I Sing - moff
One Who Sings - Powapowa-P
Miniature Mortality - Theta
Secret Feelings - Tiara
Relight My Fire - Death Ohagi
Girls - BETTI
Underwa - Hinata Denkou
Cosmic Girl - TEN-maru
Fools Among the Stars ~Kappa~ - Manbo-Dead-Behind-the-House-P
Summer's Answer - koyori
Twilight Teacher - Ishifuro
bitter - keeno
Showy Life - otetsu
Warp and Warp - Hinata Denkou
Dark Pumpkin's Ball - Kikori
Goodbye Electronic World - Yairo
Yoshiwara Lament - Asa
Haze-maze - L-tone
Sounding Together - shr
Throw Out Your Homework! - Murata-P
Sasha - Yuzuhiko
Answer - Dixie Flatline
j e l L y - T. Chocoski
Complex Compound Number Network - Saiona-P
Sword of Drossel - OSTER project
Other-Heart x Иavigation - Yairi
Gerbera - Tsunamaru

There's Always Gotta Be One
Cry and Down - TEPPAN

Additionally, from Owata-P and Jounetsu-P: Miku, VY1, and IA have a bonus stage for you.

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