Vocaloid Highlights: June 2012

June: A month so ridiculously filled with good Vocaloid songs, I neglected to translate any for most of it. Yes.

(Alternatively: "I love the June-a, with Kagamin-a, Megurin-a, and Hatsun-a.")


The Story's Ending- himawari
Puppy Love Academy, True Love Class- Nem
Fake Warnings- 150P
Dark Electronic War- Koganemushi
Risky Dice- Yucha
Mundane World Domination- Pinocchio-P
Perfect Crime Love Letter- 150P
The Queen's New Clothes- GingaHoumen-P
Daydream Melancholy- Scop
The Last Confession on Earth- kemu
Sweet Decola Ice-Cream-Holic- Yuzuhiko
Multi-Malfunction Replica- Hiroaki Gotoh
Heartbreak Headlines- 40mP

Worth Your Time

Goodbye Leschenaultia- Nanahoshi
Painful Tutorial- KAZKUN
Fishy Living- Ishifuro
P.C.M.- oc-tave
Inquire- Yuuto
Isolation ‚Čí Egoism- Rohi
TOYBOX- Nishijima Sondai
Under A Streetlight- ogino jun
Sailor Liebe and My Ship- Ramune
Spiral Staircase Loop 49- swolz
Speaking Demon and Machine Gun- Kyouinu
Eternal Parallel- MogumoguPotechi
Silhouette- Kikori
Amoromance = Temptation- Yairi
Clouds of the End- Eight
Mahjong Junkie- Owata-P
Silver Snow, Blazing Dream- Waka
e-scape- Ananii
Electronic Girl and the Fantasy Park- cosMo
Starlove- Lefty Monster
Enitolliug- vokedori
Love Potion- INOSON
And So You Became the Moon- Kikuo
Re;BIRTH- sele
Friendship Love Kick Girl!- maya
Meta Chronicle- shr
Cranberry- papiyon
Hell Antique- L-tone

Watch It Easy!

Phantom Thief Twindrill and the Rice Riots- Death Ohagi

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